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su-vs-tu by rudenski ..... Near Death Experiences Support Forum (NDE)

Date:   10/10/2007 2:39:55 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Since my return fron death... I have often gone where love has gently led me... I spent
a year as a teacher in Mexico but I became the student;

In all Latin based languages they have a whole language
within the language that respects elders and
The old school Latino prayer is one of holding one's head down...
but today...the old men and the old women may still be respectful to God
but they are letting go of formality to become a more affectionate ito or ita...
because they would rather have genuine affection than respect from their family...
and so it is with the way many of the younger people now address God...
I know as a father, I want to be respected by children enough so they
will quit hurting each other when I call out to them but I would much
rather my children play affectionately with their siblings, friends, and even when they want me to play with them rather than have them rigidly holding their heads down in my presence...hiding their faces and smiles from me...

Yah in heaven... who is made of the very substance of love.... is the same way...
When my children are cruel to one another and I become cruel back to my children and demand my children's respect.... I speak from another place other than love and I know when I demand respect, it is because I grow wearied of stopping and taking the time to let my children know that I love them and to let them know they should learn to love one another... A lesser God demands respect and I personally do not respect or have genuine affection for a God who does not have genuine affection for me nor wants genuine affection from me.

God in heaven is love and time is not of consequence to God who is love but a lesser
God will take respect over nothing...

I am not sure if I pray as I once did so much as I
talk with God who is love. Even though they may
seem the same...the subtle differences I know from knowing
who 'God who is love' is and know a lesser God who wants respect.
I know the two may seem the same but latter one is usually approached
with one's head held down in reverence and respect while we ask for what we
don't deserve and the other is done approached face
to face or even looking up... Looking down is something i do when i am hiding something or I know I am asking for something I am ashamed to ask for...
when my baby
just loves me and looks me in the eyes or looks up and
tells me she loves me I might not give her what she is
asking for but I will still know she needs me and I
will go out of my way to give her what I can.... God
who rules this earth will give you what you ask for
sometimes but there is always a price to pay but love
can't wait to find a way to give you what you would
have asked for if you knew the possibilities...only
love could give you...

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