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To crack or not to crack by vairagi ..... Spirituality Forum

Date:   9/22/2007 2:50:35 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Tho you do call cranial sacreal work the anti thesis of neural cranial, perhaps when you described it as more agressive that is what you were actually emphasizing.

It got me thinking how, especially since you are more than passingly familar with the different teachings on finding/rediscovering freedom, it is so interesting how our ability to devise tecniques and reasonings for and about manipulation of a system which left to its own devices, illicits the same outcome. Time and pain ,of course, being the crucial elements in our relating importance, validity, necessity, ect to all the seemingly differing tecniques, approaches,understandings.
The understanding of how evan the tecnique of relaxing,deeply, releases the energetic bonds on the body structure and allows it to settle into more healthy alighnment w out any sophisticated contrivance by us,other than the ability to allow, might seem to predispose any attempt of our own to create the same outcome by more agressive tecniques such as , virtually everything we do to attempt to find relief. Of course we all might agree that the seemingly insurmontable perception of suffering, modfied by the individuals relation with egoic importance, plays a determing factor in actions and outcome. This being the reason why we find that often we make multiple attempts w multiple tecniques and live so many mutiple experiences.

In a similar vein the story of the spirtual leader and the social leader's confrontation regarding each ones inability to solve delima and how an adept in the guise of a child assisted them to find fredom from that delima and replace it with deeper perception, by tying them up with rope, in such a way that for each to grab hold of the release rope, they needed to twist their torsos and skeletons in such a way as to ,POP, not only their physical restraints but also their subtle skeletol bindings and thus find personel perception of things become a more expansive,recepetive, opening, awareness.

In my percption of an anti thesis to this topic where in a less than healthy attempt at manipulating ones body to experience freedom, the missguided individual cuts their tongue tendons so as to precipitate one aspect of the awakening experience, but finds that tho we can pressure growth and opening, to force it against the much greater dynamic principle will deevolve ones experience and cause more lessons to be needed for a time.

I guess we would agree that it often comes down to how much pain or discomfort will or should we endure.

I also like the story of how one inventive mind discovered a quicker and less suffering tecnique for killing livestock. In a quandry about whether to share such a tecnique ,partly because this indivudual was a vegetarian and a spirtual practictioner, they finally approached their spirtual master with what seemed to be a difficult delima and the response easily returned was that in this instance shareing the tecnique would be relieving suffering, and thus beneficial and appropriate.

I guess the caveat is in that whatever we undertake, to what degree we wish to push the envelope might be best served by the wisdom of being honest with ourselves about our motivations and our place in whatever picture we find ourselves.

Ramblings on a rainy morning.

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