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Re: you need to read this post, by Pattiecake
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: you need to read this post, by Pattiecake

Her son's problem was heavy metals toxicity from vaccinations...anyway, good info here, esp on diagnosing:



We started with a hair test for heavy metals. We tested him for food allergies and he tested reactive to soy, dairy, gluten, egg, and sesamie.
We eliminated these for about 10 months while trying to clean up his gut. He had leaky gut from over vaccination. We gave him a break from his reactive foods, did candida therapies as most of the time these children have bad yeast from the gut being in such bad shape and the heavy metals. LOTS of pro-biotics.

Then we added digestive enzymes as we knew he was not digesting his food. You could see undigested food in his BM's. They were also orange and pencil thin indicating poor liver function and inflamation of the bowels.

We gave him milk thistle and oil of oregano.

THEN we started DMSA in VERY VERY low doses. Much lower than what many doctors do for chelation. Andy CUtler had a guideline at the time for so much per pounds of body weight.

We did it for 4 days out of every month. Andy Cutlers approach was you need to give it every 3-4 hours round the clock instead of every 8 hours as the levels of chelator in the blood stream drop down too low at 8 hours intervals and you can have a greater chance of re-distribution when the levels rise and fall rather than keeping the levels up for so many days and then falling only once. (hope Im explaining this ok, its a lot to go over and its been 6 years now)

We made sure he drank lots of water and got his liver support and had blood work to check liver function and nutrophils.

We were able to slowly put back in some of his reactive foods a year later with digestive enzymes and by the time we were done he could eat food without enzymes.

It was a long long road. He is now just turning 9 and in 4th grade with lots of friends and in the gifted program.

when he was 2 he was one big temper tantrum, angry, unhappy, had sensory issues,and was turning away from us. Was obsessive and hyper. We stopped all vaccinations when he was 2 and WILL NOT get any more.

this is a great web site if she is interested in the latest therapies :

it is a message board similar to this one and is fast as lightning. I'm not even up on the current therapies as we have not needed them.

I hope I have helped some.

Each child is unique in how they deal with this issue and it is important to go on that web site and read read read. Find a child that closely sounds like your nephew and find out what works for them.

Many things were trial and error with many being useless.

I feel blesses we were able to get him healthy.


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