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Day 30 - victory lap!!!
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Published: 16 years ago

Day 30 - victory lap!!!

Today is Day 30 and I'm breaking my fast tomorrow. I have to go to the store later to get my favorite brand of fresh organic orange juice (I will someday get a juicer, possibly when I can fit anything other than a dishrack on my counter!). This is the longest I have gone, as I broke my first Master-Cleanse after day 26 due to inability to take enough of the drink. I experienced the same problem on this particular cleanse as well, and just forced myself to drink enough. I had plenty of days where I'd hit 6PM and realize I'd only managed to have about 3 drinks. So I'd chug three more in the following 90 minutes.

This cleanse has been very rewarding, although I was not perfect on it. Sometime around Day 10 I was forced to drink apple juice because at a doctor's office, a nurse could not hit the vein and kept moving the needle around in my arm! Then she realized that I was nauseous and about to faint, and forced me to drink apple juice (at least it was pure with no preservatives ). Ugh. Also, the first day of my period, I had to take ibuprofen. That was about day 21. Just one small dosage, but likely it set me back a bit. But nothing else was helping and I was on vacation - I waited about two hours but I couldn't help it. Next time, if I'm at home and it happens, I'll endure the agony to see if something really beneficial and detoxifying happens.

Be that as it may, I definitely had some detox (see previous post about migraine and vomiting), particularly in the liver area, which I'm trying to concentrate on. I cannot wait to drink orange juice all day long tomorrow. It will be so refreshing and tasty!

Up next: colon cleansing - I'm going to try the Oxypowder that has been recommended as I'm STILL getting sludge out even on Day 30. So hopefully that's not all stuff that's been stuck in my intestines but also the product of deeper cellular cleansing in other parts of my body.

Exercise: went for a short run yesterday and it felt GOOD!! Chugging along for the first five minutes or so and then suddenly my lungs just EXPANDED and I really could breathe nice long breaths! So, working that and yoga into some form of exercise and muscle building - very important! I'm planning to get a bike as well.

Liver Flushes - at least three before next Master-Cleanse is my goal (I have decided to do these every 6 months).

Mmmmm... just can't wait for another couple weeks when I can have some chickpeas and rice! Thank goodness it's over, at least until February!

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