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Re: Hormonal acne
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Hormonal acne

Just a woman,

If you have been neglecting the signs that your body was giving to you for many years (like most people with Acne do, they neglect the cause, but rather prefer to treat the consequence of the problem), you can't expect to bring your hormones into balance within 2 months of cleansing.
Can you? Think!

Your outbreak is for sure cleansing related, and it may be caused by toxins being moved from it's "stable" position, or by overgrowth of Candida, or by Candida Die-off, or by any combination of those and also some other factors.

What is the goal of medications for acne?

They BLOCK NATURAL mechanism!

Acne are NATURAL mechanism for elimination of TOXINS!!!!!!!!!


I will repeat:

Acne are NATURAL mechanism for elimination of TOXINS!!!!!!!!!
ACNE are NATURAL mechanism for elimination of TOXINS!!!!!!!!!
ACNE are NATURAL mechanism for elimination of TOXINS!!!!!!!!!

WE NEED ACNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, you take meds, and you block it.

What happens?

You become a “walking bag full of TOXIC SHIT”!!!!

If you already didn't, you will learn one BIG truth:
Nature always does the best, of course -given the circumstances!

In case any “natural mechanism” that we have built in us was in any way bad, it would have not survived … it would disappear.
There were trillions of chances during the evolution to eliminate it.

If ACNE survived, it only means we need it!

We need ACNE to eliminate toxins that were not eliminated by other NATURAL means: Bowel, Liver, Kidneys, Nails, Hair, Tears, Nosebleed, Sweat, Saliva, Mucus, Menstruation… …

Yes, all mentioned are some of the ways for our body to eliminate toxins … and ACNE are also there!

If you try now to go to Doctor, and if you block it, you will end-up where you have already been. Time travel into the past!

Be strong, and give your face a chance to deal with toxins.
And, make sure that Intestines, Liver and kidneys are doing good job!!!!!!!!

flush your liver every WEEK!

Drink a lot of water! Clean water; – water free of CHLORINE.
CHLORINE KILLS bacteria and promotes CANDIDA!!!

BE NEVER constipated, but if you are, do an enema immediately!

Clean Bowel = Clear face skin!!!!!!!

If you didn't, start Hulda Clark parasites cleanse.
Also, take probiotics, and if you do have Candida problem, use grapefruit seed Extract.

Probiotics, Clarkia and grapefruit seed Extract can be used with ENEMA!

That is an imperative!

All preservatives kill intestinal flora and promote Candida!
Candida means => TOXIC BOWEL!

=> TOXIC BODY = your body needs ACNE to get the toxins OUT, and to tell you that YOU ARE TOXIC!

All foods that contain Antibiotics kill intestinal flora and promote Candida! (Farmed fish, farmed chicken, farmed beef, ... this list is long)

SUGAR promotes Candida!

Bringing hormones into perfect balance takes time .... months of proper diet, and doing Liver Flush every 10 - 14 days. Sometimes it will take months or even years .. every person is different.

But, you will have to stay strong for at least 6 months, to get to the point where your skin will be ACNE FREE!

Health means lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

Those who prefer to choose quick fixes like Accutann &/or Antibiotics , they sooner or later learn that their decisions were wrong.

They learn what IBS means, CFS; CFIDS; what Allergies means, what Cancer means, they learn what being sick 24 hours a day means ...

You are young now, and you have a chance to do something while it is still not too late ... do not waste your chance!

Give your body at least 6 months to recover from the years of abuse!!!!!!

It took longer then 1 year for my sister to recover, after 10 years of quick fixes (including 2 years on Antibiotics ), but her skin is perfect NOW!

My sister started making a change at the age of 20. She got her first acne when she was 10. She is ACNE free now, and it took her years to fix scars with Calendula Salve and with proper diet. She uses no Cosmetics on her face, only home made Calendula Salve, made from Lard, and she is cleaning her face with Virgin OLIVE OIL.

Give your skin a chance!


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