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What is serum biocompatibility testing and how is it done?

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Published: 15 years ago

What is serum biocompatibility testing and how is it done?

I advise patients who "seem to be allergic to everything" to get this test if they are concerned, but anyone can get it.  Personally, I have spoke at length with two different companies and feel the test performed by Scientific Health Solutions, Inc. is superior in it's thoroughness of testing.

This testing utilizes a serum blood specimen in a sophisticated fashion to help determine on an individual basis what one's "least toxic" replacement dental materials might be. The term "least toxic" is used here because all foreign substances introduced into the body will provoke the immune system of the patient to some degree. As the body's protector, the immune system wouldn't really be doing its job if this didn't happen to some degree.

.... The report, which is over 30 pages in length, lists in categories of "Highly Reactive," "Moderately Reactive," and "Least Reactive" over 1,000 different dental products, including composite fillings, crown materials, bridge materials, cements, denture materials, and other materials. Nearly all reports have some materials in the "Least Reactive" categories from which the dentist may choose.

Scientific Health Solutions is a biocompatibility test invented by Hal Huggins and now owned by Thomas Levy.  Upon invention of the test, Hal Huggins signed a non-disclosure agreement with the dental companies who provide ingredients to them.  All US companies are required by law to at least provide hazardous ingredients on an MSDS (materials safety data sheet).  Beyond that, they may or may not want to provide any further details.  Some companies, like 3M for example, will disclose all ingredients to anyone, public included, provided you sign a non-disclosure form.  Many companies that Scientific Health Solutions work with are foreign companies and have different laws of disclosure, but the minimum Scientific Health Solutions requires of them is an MSDS of hazardous materials.  Many companies have proprietary ingredients and will not disclose them, both US and foreign.  Yes, you could go to a lab and have it analyzed, but it would give you a list of the ingredients that are dried and cured already and not the component ingredients.  It could be those component ingredients causing a reaction as the dentist puts them in your mouth.  It is not only costly to have them analyzed, it may not tell you what you want to know.  So, that is the scoop straight from the horse's mouth.  If you want to hear it for yourself, call Seth at Scientific Health Solutions.  He has a degree in Chemistry and has been with the company a few years:    800-331-2303


For more information, and to arrange for your own serum biocompatibility testing:

Scientific Health Solutions, Inc.
1621 North Circle Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909
Operating Hours: M-F, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time.
(800) 331-2303 or (719) 548-1600
FAX: (719) 572-8081

Please be patient when you call and leave a message if you do not get through to a staff member. All messages, except late on Friday, will be addressed by return phone call promptly either the same day, or early the next day. Please speak slowly and clearly, especially when leaving your telephone number. Thank you.  


1. Order our testing kit via telephone.

2. While the patient is waiting for our package to arrive they need to find a laboratory that can draw and centrifuge a blood serum sample for us. The easiest way to find this lab is to look in the yellow pages of the phone book under laboratories....

3. Once the patient has received our testing kit and has found a lab the next step is to fill out our order form. The Compat 306 test produces our SHORT report as it only covers materials needed for filling replacements. The Compat 307 test produces our COMPLETE report and covers materials required for fillings, dentures, orthodontics, crowns and bridges. There is not a specific category on the test for implant and root canal materials. The patient will only need one or the other test; both are not necessary.

4. Before going to the lab the patient MUST FAST FOR 10 HOURS. (PLEASE NOTE: this is very important. If the patient has not fasted he or she can have incorrect test results or the blood may have to be redrawn.)

5. Go to the lab with the test kit and have the blood drawn. The lab will draw and centrifuge and freeze the serum sample for several hours. Have the patient ask the lab tech when he or she needs to return to pick-up the sample. (PLEASE NOTE: Patient will have to pay the laboratory charges for the blood draw and centrifuge....

6. The patient then needs to return to the lab and pick-up the entire testing kit, with our order form(s) inside, and take it to an overnight express mail service. That service can be FedEx, UPS, Express Mail by the USPS, or Airborne Express. Any outfit will work fine as long as the package is delivered overnight next day. (PLEASE NOTE: Patient will have to pay for the overnight shipping of the package. It is not included in our fee for the test.) Also be aware that some labs may require that they do the shipping, and the patient will have to pay that charge.

7. Please overnight specimens only on Monday through Thursday. You or the laboratory can keep the specimen frozen until it can be mailed if drawn on a Friday, weekend, or holiday without any damage to the specimen.

8. Results will be sent 1st class mail to the patient or the designated dentist or physician. The test turn-around time is about two to two and a half weeks. We suggest having the patient schedule the next dental appointment no sooner than three weeks after the day they have sent us the blood serum specimen.


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