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Larry - CS antibiotic alternative

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texasangel Views: 77,680
Published: 13 years ago
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Larry - CS antibiotic alternative

Hi again Larry,

So much for Bob's original message to keep this a "... clean positive testimony only post." Oh, well.

Regarding the Colloidal Silver as an effective Antibiotic - My 78 year-old mother has been prone to bladder/kidney infections and got one so bad that by the time she went to the doctor she had blood and pus in her urine. She'd been taking AZO standard which masked her pain, but it almost put her in the hospital.

I too have a CS generator, but periodically I like to order "Advanced Collidal Silver" from
when they have a sale and I keep unopened bottles for emergencies or when I travel that I can just grab and go. I feel like their shelf life is much longer than homemade plus I've always got some on hand and don't always have the time to make some up.

During Hurricane Rita, my mother and I evacuated to stay with my aunt and uncle. Almost as an afterthought, I threw in a bottle of CS. Urinary tract infections can come on suddenly and almost as soon as we got there, Mama started with the burning urination and backache. She had no AZO standard, or Antibiotic and was already having to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes with the pain and burning. To say she was miserable is an understatement. We had a houseful of company and a raging storm outside. Plus the power went out ... in the whole town. Even the power company was on a generator.

I wouldn't really recommend this, but this is what I did. I told her to start with a TBSP and then take a tsp. of CS every couple of hours until the bottle was empty. It was an 8 oz. bottle. Within just a few hours her symptoms began to abate and by the time we left the next day she was markedly better. We got home to her AZO standard and she continued to take the CS every few hours until the bottle was empty - probably took her a couple of days altogether.

After we got home, we found out that the power was going to be out a minimum of 14 days and the heat index was 110 so after suffering through the first night of heat and mosquitoes, we decided to go to my sister's who had power and lives 90 minutes away. Because of debris, we kept getting rerouted, and it took us 6 hours to get there. I became desperate to find a bathroom since most of the gas stations and businesses were closed, but during the whole 6 hours my mother didn't go to the bathroom even once even when I stopped and it had been only 48 hours since she'd started the CS and had previously been going every 5 or 10 minutes.

She caught a cold and is prone to pneumonia so we took her to my sister's doctor and we asked him to do a urinalysis. He did and said she had a "trace of bacteria" in her urine and gave her a round of Antibiotics for it. That was positively amazing to me given her history, and I feel that if she'd continued with the CS it would have probably knocked it out completely.

Now, there is a precaution against taking too much CS that can result in a condition called Argyria which turns the skin grey/blue. Usually that's caused from either improperly made CS or prolonged excessive overdose or both. So, I wouldn't recommend taking that much CS, but sometimes desperate situations call for desperate measures.

Plus, my mother was used to taking/eating lots of garlic and so didn't experience die-off, but I have candida overgrowth and can only take about 1/4 tsp. at a time. If I'd taken that much CS, the die-off for me would have been serious and maybe even dangerous. So my recommendation would be: Unless you're in a hurricane, in a small town, away from home, unable to get to a doctor, blah, blah, blah ... don't do it like we did, but this was what I considered a life threatening situation and I made an "executive decision" so to speak. Other times we've taken it like you would an Antibiotic - 1 tsp, every 4-6 hours, etc., but on a maintenance basis, I would recommend 1 tsp. a day - or even less as in my case until I build up enough to tolerate die-off.

If I had the choice of taking CS or going to the doctor to get an antibiotic, I'd opt for the CS, but that's just me. You've got to decide for yourself. And remember to take probiotics or acidophilus to put back the friendly bacteria because CS kills everything (good and bad) just like an antibiotic does.

We started OPing 7/8/07 and only discovered OoO 2 or 3 weeks ago. Since OoO is considered a natural antibiotic, we've started pulling with one drop in whatever oil we use and do it for a few days on and a few days off. We've just started doing it so I don't have anything to report one way or another, but we'll see if we stay well because of it.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

Stef from Texas

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