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Re: Oil of Oregano Cured My Gum Infection!

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Oil of Oregano Cured My Gum Infection!

Ghostgirl - Ok here's my experience so far.

I've been taking oregano oil capsules for 2 days with absolutely no effect. In fact my lungs were filling up so fast I was ready to throw in the towel and get some Antibiotics from my doctor. I went to Wild Oats and found out that the oregano oil I was taking was about 1/15th as strong as I needed. So I bought a better brand and took several rounds of much higher dosages yesterday.

Still, things were getting so bad that I couldn't wait around for it to work. I also bought a spray bottle of Colloidal Silver that out of desperation I sprayed and inhaled directly into my lungs. I felt some instant relief when breathing in the CS, so much so that I absent mindedly took about 4 sprays when I meant to start with one. But despite the relief, I really started feeling weird afterwards including a miserable headache (and I'm not headache prone).

Had another miserable night trying to fall asleep, but first thing this morning started bringing up all kinds of phlem from my lungs. This was impressive since it usually takes 3-4 days of being on super potent Antibiotics before this starts to happen. Now a few hours later, I feel far far better like I've turned the corner (the kind of feeling I usually get after a week or two of Antibiotics ). I've gotten bronchitis or pnemonia or both a couple times a year almost all my life - so I'm WAY to familiar with the usual healing process with antibiotics.

I would probably be inclined to attribute it to the CS more than the oregano. HOWEVER, my girlfriend, (unlike me) gets over just about anything in a day or two at the most. However she'd already had this a week and was still in as bad a shape as I was. She refuses ANY kind of medicine, even natural supplements. So I was surprised when she actually took the new more potent oregano caps I'd just bought. About 3 hours later, she declared she was over it after being bed ridden all day and for much of the week. This morning she also brought up lots of phlem and has been working in the yard in near 100 degree heat all day. Since she didn't take any CS maybe it WAS the oregano - or maybe it had nothing to do with it. But the improvement was amazingly fast..

Sorry for writing War and Peace on this, but the upshot is that somewhere between the Oil of Oregano and Colloidal Silver , I seem to be getting better results than I usually do with antibiotics. So, though it's inconclusive, I'm very encouraged so far. Not only would I love to get off antibiotics, I'd love to get off the doctors billing treadmill every time I get this.

Usual treadmill:
1) call for an appointment with DR (usually wait at least a day)
2) Sit for an hour in the waiting room for the priviledge of meeting his lordship in person and reminding him of what Antibiotic I've been taking for the last 20 years.
3) I end up paying him $60-$80 for 5 minutes of his time and an hour of mine.
4) I take this precious and hard won signature to the pharmacy for an unusually potent antiobiotic that ends up cost about $80 after insurance.
5) A week later I start feeling better, and another week (and $160) later, I feel pretty much back to normal.

If this works out as its seeming to, I may cut the recovery time in half, have no more hassles with doctors and pharmacies, and be sick another five times for a total cost of around $25. Not to mention finally getting off all the strong antibiotics. I'll update this once I'm better to see if it ends up working out as well as it's looking now. If so, that would be very cool.

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