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Off Topic Thoughts Regarding the Human Condition
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Published: 15 years ago

Off Topic Thoughts Regarding the Human Condition

Why is the mainstream public food source contaminated with flouride, glutamates, bromine and the like? Why are human beings conspiring to poison themselves?

Some say it is because human beings on planet earth are like bacteria on a petrie dish, in danger of over-populating themselves out of existence because the planet doesn't have enough resources to support everyone. If so, perhaps the conspirators are really the good guys, since human beings are destroying the planet. Is the committee responsible for taking the Iodine out, putting the bromide in, making sure everyone gets a dose of flouride, etc, etc, a benevolent body that cares about the planet? Or is human greed and selfishness driving people to unconsciously make decisions that are best for the planet? The latter seems more likely to me.

We are sucking the life blood out of mother earth in order to transport ourselves in cars. We are digging into her precious body and mining her bones to obtain fuel that will keep us warm and make pretty jewelry to adorn our bodies. Poisoning the masses will diminish the suffering of this planet by diminishing the demand for her blood, sweat and tears.

After reading what Carl Zimmer (p prize award winning Science writer, Natl Geo and Discover) has to say about opportunistic pathogenic infections, I'm more inclined to think it is the microbes that are controlling our behavior and making us do this to ourselves. They are the conspirators, seemingly nasty little infectious biological suicide bomber machines, rendering everyone incapable of pro-active decision making to ensure the health and well being of everyone. If the whole world were to sudenly awaken, we be faced with the life boat question that philosphers have been asking for years.

If there are five people floating in a life boat, and there is only enough food to keep a couple of them alive, do you throw somebody over board, or share the food equally and increase the liklihood of everyone starving before the rescue ship arrives?

Perhaps there will be some on board, who have mastered meditation, who know how to slow their pulse and heart beat, control their physiological responses, can go into samhadi and wait to be rescued without using up the precious resources, so others can eat. When P. Yogananda did it, the LA coroners office declared him dead and hauled his body away, even though his body was not decomposing and said he was going to be meditating...

Is anorexia the only truly ethical lifestyle when you are living on a suffering planet that is dying from over population? Why didn't they put birth control in the water instead? Why don't we make reversible vasectomies for teenage boys mandatory, instead requiring hpv vaccinations for teenage girls? Why doesn't eveyone learn how convert sunshine into fuel by gazing at the Sun, and drink pure water that is rich in Iodine?

We have to stop blaming the predicament we are in on a conspiratorial committee and viewing ourselves as victims of sinister people. The problem is that our bodies are full of impurities. Google hookworm and look at the photos that come up. They look like demons. Pathogenic infections cause women to be promiscuous and men to commit crimes that put them in jail.

Human beings are not consciously conspiring to kill one another, they are unconsciously compelled toward self-destructive action because they are infected with diseases that affects their thinking.

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