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Two Stones
Ayehasherayeh Views: 5,433
Published: 11 years ago
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Two Stones

With one bird!

do you think that maybe more important things are being said more often on those forums?

It is not important what I think so in light of that

I shall answer in the way of possibility, probability and actuality

'more important"

There exists a possibility, that 'some' posts are more important  in fact myriad possibilities  which also include the possibility of (no they are not more important)  I won't judge which is which only to say I have awareness of the obvious possibilities.

The probability of 'more important things'is low in probabilty decreasing towards null from a assumptive preconceived positive possibility, (important things are said on all forums by all people) and the probability of such a biased claim is approaching zero.  

The actuality of the souls that do enlighten on these forums is often displaced or rather masked and hidden by means of the self adulation, and selfsucking of the few and with the subsequent deprecation of any soul with enough light and truth to displace the darkness of such ego as well as other issues duly noted and some which remain not yet noted.

Some people put a great amount of time in their forum and have messages that are worth recommendation ! Everyday they sit down and write out well thought out points of veiw, others are just social events!
People who dont have a clue about certain forums and whine about them cheapen Curezone!
And of course there are those who never say anything worth recommending who are just plain old jealous! Aye aye aye aye!

Though the expression is more crude in form what you say is more in truth than the previous poster and a point I resonate with and made earlier in post. Some people put a great deal of time into their forums and the forums they visit, whatever their intentions they all have a voice as you (in your many names and forms) and I have been allowed to have and gratefulness should be noted, however no one is more or less important based on judging or deeming through mechanism of voting or how many R's they receive. 

I'll respond to an obvious tactic to engage in meaningless petty drama by means of the jealous comment and the allegation of 'having nothing to recommend' including the following taunt, by stating Every  post that I received an R from came from my heart/soul and the ones that came from ego/mind were rightfully ignored, additionally I have never given myself and R. whether 2 seconds or not after posting it and any moderators or persons with that ability know better than to stroke me.  Stroking yourself or having others doing the stroking feeds the same ego, constant stroking (in this case mental stroking) still depletes one's life force.   

In fact I have never given myself an R, however my very first post On CZ 4 years ago as you recall was one.    Does that make me a self-appointed Moses leading my people from bondage and oppression?

It makes me No thing, in fact take it away I remain the same




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