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Make Your Own Iodine Crystals From Seaweed!
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Published: 15 years ago
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Make Your Own Iodine Crystals From Seaweed!

Happy August 1st everyone! :)

I hope you've all stocked up, or at least you have the Iodine situation figured out ;) because as of today in the U.S. Iodine has become more difficult to obtain, under the guise of "The War On Drugs", but more appropriately by the aggressive strong-arm of "The War BY Big Pharma"

So here's a great recipe to tuck away for some day just in case things get really, really tight here. Our Freedoms are being chipped away daily, so I suggest that you print it out just in case someone somewhere decides to disappear the link on the site! :) (or easier just to copy-paste from here):


>>>"You will need:
Bunsen burner and asbestos square (or a hot plate)
Tripod and tin lid
Beaker, 250 ml
Separating funnel 100ml
Evaporating dish

Hydrogen peroxide 20 volume
Tetrachloromethane or dichloromethane
Distilled water
1M solution of Sulphuric acid
Supply of ribbon seaweed(Laminaria) - that you can
obtain a a biological supply store or from the
sea shore

(You must work at a fume cupboard)
1-Collect and dry about a dozen 50cm lenghts of the
seaweed and heat them strongly on a tin recipient
until they are reduced to ash; probably it will
reduce a quite small quantity, about a spoonful.
2- Add to the ash 20 ml of distilled water
in a beaker, and heat the suspension until it boils.
3 - Filter the suspension
4 - Acidify the filtered with Sulphuric acid solution
5 - Add then the hydrogen peroxide solution
You will observe the formation of a brown color due
the Iodine liberation from the iodine ions present
6- Transfer the mixture to a separating funnel
7 -Extract the Iodine with tetrachloro methane or other
solvent. The result is an organic solution of iodine.
8 - In order to obtain crystals , the solvent may be
allowed to evaporate at room temperature, by
placing it in an evaporating dish in a fume cupboard.
It will result crystals of iodine or rather gray-
black brilliant flakes."<<<


If you're anything like me, your Health, and Health Freedoms, are very valuable.
And that's something that no one else should take away.

So we will always find a way!

Enjoy! :)


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