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My 7 Day plan
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Published: 16 years ago

My 7 Day plan

So ive spent the past two weeks researching, fleshing out a program, and buying equipment. The plan is to do two colemas a day, 5 gallons a pop for 7 days. I wont be eating solid food and ill be taking intestinal cleanser and nutrient support.

Thats 70 Gallons of distilled/filtered water.
I was originally going to buy it in 2.5 gallon bottles, but when I looked at the price, I figured I might as well spend a little more and buy myself a water filtration system and get drinking water out of the deal.

So I got on ebay, searched for Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems (I had heard RO is the best method), and found a nice model which installs under the sink and has a nice chrome, lead-free faucet for $130 shipped. For $180 you can get one which does ultra violet filtering, and for $70 shipped you can get a portable counter top model which can connect to your shower, garden hose, or standard sink faucet. I am technical minded so installation wasn't too bad. I could see what I was up against after poking around under the sink for 15 minutes. With the advice of a handyman it took me 3 hours including rereading the manual cover to cover 3 times and a trip to the hardware store (for a metal cutting drill bit) to install.

Then I researched reverse osmosis water. Apparently reverse osmosis robs water of its minerals in addition to all impurities it filters, resulting in a slightly acidic (5.5-6.5PH) water. You need special faucets for reverse osmosis systems because the now acidic water will corrode the piping quicker and cause lead to leak. You can re-miniralize (and raise the PH of) the water by adding Epsom's salt
(anhydrous magnesium sulfate), calcium carbonate, baking soda, and potassium chloride to the water. It occurred to me that I should look into what types of plastics are corrosive so as to not use them to hold my water.
Heres a little cut of an article on RO water reconstitution
“if you want to reconstitute 50 gallons of RO water you would
take four and a half 600 mg calcium tablets, crush them and stir them into
the water. Also, with a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon, measure out and mix
in six and a half 1/4 teaspoon measures of Epsom's salt, four and a half
1/4 teaspoon measures of baking soda and three 1/4 teaspoon measures of
potassium chloride.

Chemical dose/ dose/ measurement
100 liters 50 gallons unit

epson's salt 3.5 6.5 1/4 teaspoons
calcium carbonate 2.5 4.5 600 mg tablet
baking soda 2.5 4.5 1/4 teaspoons
potassium chloride 1.5 3 1/4 teaspoons

The composition (after the pH drops) should be

dose/ dose/ measurement
100 liters 50 gallons units

calcium 15.0 14.3 mg/l
magnesium 4.7 4.6 mg/l
sodium 8.9 8.5 mg/l
potassium 11.8 12.4 mg/l
bicarbonate 69.4 66.0 mg/l
sulfate 18.4 18.0 mg/l
chloride 10.7 11.3 mg/l

general hardness 3.2 3.1 degrees
57.1 55.0 ppm as CaCO3
alkalinity 3.2 3.0 degrees
56.9 54.1 ppm as CaCO3
Na/(Ca+Mg+K) 0.27 0.26 molar ratio
total dissolved solids 79.8 78.9 mg/l”

Another thing I was concerned about was the chloramine content (chlorine and ammonia) in my tap water, since reverse osmosis doesn't kill it. I found out that vitamin C neutralizes chloramine, so I figure adding fresh squeezed lemon juice to the water would reduce the chloramine. Lemon juice also has an alkalizing effect, which I think would be beneficial.

My board should be arriving within a week.


Alfalfa / Liquid Chlorophyll
Wheat Germ Oil / Cod Liver Oil
Rose Hips
Plantcreatine (Enzyme supp)

1 Part Powdered Slippery Elm bark
1 Part Psyllium Husks
3 Part Bentonite
3 Part ORGANIC HQ Apple Cider Vinegar
3 Part RAW Honey
1 Part Ground Garlic
50 parts water
50 parts apple juice
(gross but just chug it)
2 colemas per day
Morning ]
-1/2 oz food grade 35% H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide)
-1/4 cup bentonite

Evening ]
-Fresh Lemon Juice (Reverse Osmosis water is acidic, we want alkaline)


15 Days of:
Bio-K Plus yogurt, Cultured Cabbage Juice/Rejuvilac
Thinking about kefir implants/enemas?

Comments or advice anyone? Did I make any horrible mistakes?

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