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Re: No one told me the rubber dam was disgusting!

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: No one told me the rubber dam was disgusting!

Yeah that is true. I must admit, I chose driving in the car over taking the bus! That way you can stop when you want, where you want. Nobody else (other than the person you maybe driving with). Privacy in a sense if you feel sick or something it doesn't matter, you dont have to worry about other people. It's tranquil etc. So yeah I see your point entirely. My only bother was it was just a little "too" long for me in a way. But enjoyable in another sense. I drove in a Nissan March ;-) (probably not the car of anybody's dreams).

Yes, candida is very tough to shift and it can seem to come back with a vengeance! Certainly I am not able to get anywhere this time around and I fear it's stronger than it was. But again, I think I am in toxic overload from other things so it's probably why I cannot gain control over it. I think it is candida because the problem is stemming from the gut and I can hear gurgling often and if I eat anything sugary or high carbs, I get worse and itching in certain places. So to me that's pretty evident enough that yeast is most definitely part of it, but again there is something else badly wrong to allow this to occur this easily.

Yes sulfur foods can stir up mercury if you have enough of it in you. I find that I can handle some sulfur foods, but not too many. I eat eggs everyday though! Becuase my diet is so limited already. You may find some symptoms are easier if you exclude them, becuase there will be less stirring up of the mercury.

I would stay away from eating any fish at all. Fish can contain a lot of mercury and doing that alone can cause mercury toxicity in some people. Also if you are trying to heal from mercury toxicity, you will likely hinder this by eating any fish. Even fish that have "low mercury" levels can still be a problem in people very toxic and sensitive. You can take fish oil supplements to get omega 3 (mercury free brand like Blue Ice etc)and/or you can take flaxseed oil. These things can help with healing up the brain. Fats are a really big help in mercury poisoning. Hal Huggins recommends butter for mercury toxic people and plenty of protein in meats like chicken, beef, turkey etc. These things aid healing and I believe this is so.

I saw the link you sent, I have it saved on my computer also. It's a good one, though I do not believe I am that mercury toxic any longer, my problems stem from infections that go back a few years that pretty much crippled my immunity and have had problems ever since. I had been previously recovering from mercury toxicity and doing well! (thanks to Andy's protocol).

Frequent dose forum will probably be an extra help to you during this as well. I was on there for a while myself, but have changed to another mercury forum which I actually prefer. Reason being it is much more open in discussion, people share absolutely anything and everything and a growing number of people on there are now using the andy protocol too. It's the herb allure forum for Amalgam poisoning.

Best wishes for Wednesday (D Day lol). HOw many will you be getting out? Yeah rubber dam isn't much fun, but I guess it's necessary to help further in protecting you. Much more comes into it though like a good assistant who will CONSTANTLY be using the suction on you (I had a stupid one who failed me badly and I swallowed most of the removed Amalgam which made me INSTANTLY VERY sick from then on, so no it's not harmless as they like a person to believe ). Also eye goggles, alternative breathing source etc are also extra aids for protection.



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