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No one told me the rubber dam was disgusting!

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sunshine p Views: 5,974
Published: 11 years ago
This is a reply to # 929,773

No one told me the rubber dam was disgusting!

Re the drive; yes it’s a guy thing, but just imagine for 1 minute that you where gonna do the drive. No pressure, no hurry or rush, no deadlines, no hassle, no yelling kids, no grumpy men, no boss, no email, no phone…just you, your favorite music and the open road to start your 2 week chillout holiday. What car would you drive? The car of your dreams. Could be anything you like…...?

Well…I drove down in the car of my dreams and it was wonderfulCool

First day back in the office today and I feel rough again! Ahhhh! So ……… I have been reading about the sulfur food avoidance diet…..and ……looks like at least 50pct of the food I’m eating is sulfur foods! i.e peas, beans, lentils, broccoli, cabbage, turnips, onions, shallots, garlic plus some meat and fish.

Saturday and Sunday probably was closer to 80pct sulfur food for the journey.   

I would guess that maybe the cysteine stirred things up and pushed me over my toxic limit again, because I was doing very well on holiday.

so now for my next trick I will attempt the no sulfur food diet. Starting today, as of now. This diet is tricky but no more so that any of the other diets I have tried.

Incase you forgot, this excludes the following foods; (In no specific order)
dairy products
bakery products containing whey, cysteine, eggs or "enzymes"
beans (all types) and bean sprouts
soy (soy milk, tofu…)
brussels sprouts
bok choy
dried fruit preserved with SO2
bananas, avocados, honeydew melons (These aren't sulfury but some people do have problems with them.)
meat, poultry, fish

Sorry to hear you having a rough time too. I don’t know much about candida, except that it’s very hard to shift and not everyone who thinks they have it, actually does have it, which makes understanding it very difficult because everyone has different/contradictory ideas of how to get rid of it. I had people telling me I had candida but after some funky tests I in fact have “small intestine bacterial overgrowth” (SIBO) which I guess is like the difference between Coke and Dr.Pepper. they are both soft drinks, both fizzy, both rot your teeth, both poison you, but never-the-less they are still different things.

In my sulfur diet search I did come across mention of chorella….see the end of this message: (reference “chorella and other algae”),76%26q%3D102+sulfur+foods+mercury&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=5

is “kelp” an “algae”? or are they two different things?

I have requested to join Yahoo “frequent-dose-chelation · Rational Mercury Detoxification Support” – I await acceptance.

D-Day is Wednesday for phase 1 of Amalgam removal.  

Re sweating + baths….i will post a fresh topic

No one told me the rubber dam is really horrible experience! Thanks for the warnings! LOL 



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