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--Refractometer--Health & gardening.
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Published: 16 years ago
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--Refractometer--Health & gardening.

Hi Moreless:
I am LL's husband. Thank you for your help with our son. i have also been greatly energized and helped by your alkalizing drink. We bought a refractometer recently and found out that the organic vegetables that we were buying from the store were 1 or 2 brix. No wonder the little guy hasn't completely healed up yet. We gave him a detox footbath tonight. He's sleeping like a baby. The farmers market produce tested 4 and 5 for veggies. Below average, but it was still some of the best veggies we have tasted. It goes to show how bad our produce is. I have several questions that I need your help with since we are starting our own garden:

1)The soil in my city Austin, Texas sits on a limestone bed. A local prominent gardening expert said that alkalinity is between 7.2 to 7.4. I was trying to buy gypsum and bone meal to add to the soil as per your instructions to others past, when that gardener said that calcium is not a problem in Austin soils, but magnesium is deficient. His advice was to add magnesium sulphate not calcium sulphate. I know you have cautioned others against the use of epsom salts. Can you advise?

2)The gardener also said that ph is not important when you feed the soil life. I have also read that a slight change in ph could affect the soil biology. Is it important to buy a ph meter to test the soil? If I need to get one, how accurate does the ph meter need to be-within 0.1 accuracy or 0.01? Do you have a manufacturer that you recommend?

3)How often should I check the brix of my veggies? What is the proper procedure? How long do I wait before testing for improvement in brix after foliar feeding?

4)In foliar feeding with seaweed, do I use a pump sprayer to mist or is a hose end sprayer sufficient? My garden will initially be two beds that are 20 by 4 feet. I guess I'll use less and save with a pump sprayer in the long run. I thought I'd check with you anyway.

5)Can you recommend a company/companies selling high brix seed?

6)I have just borrowed Arden Andersen's book on The Anatomy of Life and Energy in Agriculture from the public library. I haven't read much yet, but it seems his views confirm your posts on Electro-magnetic energy and minerals. What are some initial books that you would recommend I read on agriculture? What are your views about biodyamic farming?

Sorry to burden you with so many questions. Please take your time answering them. But if you could answer questions 1 and 2 as soon as you can, so I can prepare for fall planting, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks again.


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