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How I helped my sinuses
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Published: 13 years ago
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How I helped my sinuses

I had really bad sinuses as well, and this is what I did:

Neti pot - I really didn't use the actual pot. I live in US and one of the drugstores had a plastic thing with a saline solution to clean out the nasal cavities. I refill it with my own solution, just Sea Salt and water, just a pinch in a 12 oz container. At first you will have to use it several times a day, but now I use it only 2-3 times a week. My cousin adds a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar. I have not tried that, but it makes sense.

Colloidal Silver - while CS works really quickly on a lot of things, it seems for me, eyes and sinuses take a while. I use it by dropper and at first it takes several times a day, too. When one of the nostrils becomes fairly open, I also take a Q-tip dipped in Colloidal Silver and do a very gentle massage to the sides of the nostrils and up into the sinuses. I have become pretty proficient at this over time, but I urge you to be very careful. I have also used the Q-tip dipped in hydrogen peroxide.

Probiotics - this is acidophilus or lactobacillus, or plain yogurt. Play with the dosage and take it until your stool has no odor and before you have diarrhea. This helps everything, and specifically knocks out the candida. I have found that it is not important to buy an expensive kind; I use just the kind from Walmart; works fine for me.

Clean diet, no flour, no grains, no processed food, no dairy, and of course no sugar. This to me has made the biggest difference in my sinuses. If you have never done low carb, you will need about a week to break the craving. There are people who are addicted to certain carbs, and we are like any other addict. We do find as long as we don't take that first drink - piece of bread/cake - helping of rice, etc., we are OK. It helps me to remember that white flour and water are what we make homemade glue for the children to play with. But there are times I fall off the wagon, and I really suffer for the few days it takes me to get back on. You might want to try a few days on the master cleanse. I noticed that cut my cravings as well. My lemon drink has lemon juice, Sea Salt and red pepper. I really did not like the lemon/molasses/cayenne recipe. Additionally you want to take some kind of lemon drink in the morning to alkalize your body. It could be just lemon and water. Or sweeten with stevia, which will not feed the candida.

Speaking of recipes, look in the recipe section, the last few days there were good posts for diabetes and acne. Those both use anti-candida diets. Candida (fungus) feeds off sweets and starches. You may get the flu or flu like symptoms when the fungus dies off, so don't let that set you back and don't take anything for it. It will help to keep your bowels open during all this, which may take some not, or not, depending on how your body responds. You are young, which is a plus.

You can do the parasite cleanse (Humaworm) at the same time, or just after. Your sinuses did not get that way in a month or two; it may take more than a month or two to get them open. Then when they are open, add the foods back in that you like, for example milk, one every 4-5 days. That way you will know which foods are not good for your specific body by your sinuses.

Read the alkaline forum, the barefoot herbalist forum, the Iodine forum, Humaworm forum and any other forum that attracts you. Don't go helter skelter choosing cleanses, flushes, supplements, procedures until you have a few months reading them, so you won't jump from the frying pan into the fire.

You asked if your sinuses were connected to your eyes - yes. You breathe through your nose and your eyes need oxygen. Your eyes may need more attention afterward, but try these few things and then go from there. Surgery? Not in my opinion.

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