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Salt pull and epsom salts while on Lugols
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Published: 13 years ago
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Salt pull and epsom salts while on Lugols

Since starting Lugol's, I've noticed the salt pull completely takes care of barometric pressure pain. I usually just do the one salt pull, when I take my 8 drops of Lugol's in the morning, which does help with a lot of the misc. aches and pains. However, one night when tried going to sleep, I was getting a lot of the deep, down to the bone, muscle pain I get when there's a big weather change on the way. I thought, what the hey, and did a salt push. The pain went away right away. I've noticed if I keep up on the salt pushes, most of the time I'm not getting the barometric pressure pain at all.

Yesterday, I skipped the salt push. Big mistake. I was in major pain last night and couldn't sleep. Today, you can look outside to tell it is going to storm, so it's very obvious the pain last night was related to the weather. I went ahead last night and did a salt push, and the pain was 80% gone within 5 minutes, totally gone within 10 minutes, and I was then able to sleep. I do think I have to experiment to see how many salt pushes I need a day (and what I can stomach ... swallowing the Sea Salt water to me is very much like swallowing an Epsom Salt and water drink, yuck).

My theory (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), is this: Many scientists/doctors don't believe in barometric pressure pain because they can't prove it exists. It isn't measurable. They theorize it may be swelling at the cellular level, but because it's so microscopic they can't measure it. For some of us, I think it's like squeezing a bath toy. The toy gets squeezed, but there's no where for the water inside to go, and the toy goes through a lot of stress. If there are holes in the toy, when squeezed the water can go in and out of the toy as it needs ... no real stress to the toy. I think the salt push opens up the cell so it can allow fluids in and out more efficiently, allowing it to equalize as needed with the barometric pressure changes.

Salt push question: This works so well for me, I'd love to pass this on to a friend of mine who greatly suffers from barometric pressure pain. However, she suffers from high blood pressure, is on water pills, and also has only one working kidney. Are any of you familiar with something that would do the same thing for her, but not add to the high blood pressure, edema, and not harm or overburden her kidneys?

Epsom Salt question: I've taken a couple soaks in Epsom Salts and providone iodide, and love it. One soak in this combo, and I haven't had smelly sweat at all, and my skin was wonderful. However, I get a bad burn and rash from the Epsom Salts , worse than a sunburn. I know it's the Epsom Salts , because back when I used to do Liver Flushes by drinking an Epsom Salt solution, I'd get the same reaction. I'm thinking it's the sulfates in the epsom salt (my mother and older sister are allergic to sulfides). Is there another magnesium that could be added to the bath water that doesn't have the sulfates (has to be economical ... the family's going on a frugal binge right now)? I am supplementing with magnesium citrate in pill form, but miss the baths.

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