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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Question EDIT

Sometimes when a person gets parasites in their Sinuses, microscopic or otherwise, you will see floaters. Although sometimes these could be small broken blood vessels if there was a head injury of any kind. There is a parasite called a Pork Tapeworm which in Humans goes right to the head area, and can cause floaters in the eyes.

I'm not sure about the pupils dilating. That could be from parasites as well, or possibly from lack of oxygen, which could make sense if you're having Sinus problems. If you have any dizziness it could be from Sinus problems, or an inner Ear Infection.

As a side note, Doctors typically will never acknowledge the presence of Parasites.

To make sure I would do a parasite cleanse, and Bowel Cleanses. Liver Flushing is good too when you are ready to do that. Check out the ask Humaworm Forum:


And here is the Humaworm website which explains symptoms. They have a good Formula which is gentle but effective:

There also are toxins that can affect us adversely, such as Fluoridation of our water supplies, or Chlorine. Do you have any Mercury filling in your mouth, or have you ever taken Fluoride tablets? Some medications (poisons) can also cause the eyes to dilate. Iodine is good to flush out Fluoride. I am also taking Lugol's Iodine right now. Here is the Iodine Forum:


I used to have really bad Sinus problems and Ear Infections, mostly on my left side. I've done parasite Cleanses, Bowel Cleanses and a couple Liver Flushes, and now my Sinus problems are gone. I rarely get any problems with my Sinuses now.

And if I get any Sinus irritation, I do a Sinus rinse. I use an old well cleaned out dropper bottle (or you can buy a Neti Pot) I put a pinch of Baking Soda, a couple pinches of Sea Salt , and just a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in clean filtered water. Shake well until it dissolves. Then I lay down with my head back and put a dropper-full in each nostril and let it sit for a few seconds. It will sting and burn. MAKE SURE you hold your breath and close the back of your throat or it will go down your throat! Then blow and spit it out in the sink. It's not the most comfortable thing to do, but it works!

Oil Pulling is also a simple way to loosen the Phlegm from the Sinuses too. A couple drops of Oregano Oil Sunflower Oil will help clear the Sinuses. Check out the Oil Pulling Forum:


That's good that you did not decide to have surgery. I have heard people had have problems from Sinus surgery. I would NEVER have Sinus surgery because there are other Alternative ways of healing the Sinuses.

Check out the other Forums on curezone, you will learn a lot! Just remember, be patient as it takes time for the body to heal. It's taken me 3 years to get better after finding this site, and it takes some time to learn all of the different Protocols. And one valuable thing that I've learned is that it's important to get the whole body healthy, because one ailment can lead to another.

You've come to the right place!


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