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Published: 15 years ago

jean wu

i've been searching the web about stretch marks and i came across this website it's jean wu's method and it seems hopeful..

i've looked on other forums to get different opinons on it and most seem to be positive.

i think i'll try it you can just buy an ebook and get what you need to do it yourself.. it's only $18 so what's there to lose?! i'll update if i see any iprovement.

has anybody tried this?
how'd it work for you if you have?

thanks a bunch!

i tried it!! last night was the first night of trying it and i cant believe what i see today!!! i have some marks on my thighs and on my breasts the marks on my left thigh are GONE!! completely gone!!!!! :D the ones on my thighs aren't as bad though they're more so just ripples without much discoloration, but still!! i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first as if i just wanted to believe it worked that fast but it really did! after a lot of looking at all angles i came to the conclusion that the stetch marks on my left thigh are in fact GONE!! the ones on my right thigh are better and i haven't seen much improvement with the ones on my breasts...YET. i mean i only started last night! i'm sure i will if i continue this. TRY IT!!! i'm sooo happy i have hope again!!! maybe i'll be in a triangle bikini again sooner than i thought!!

first you have to get all the'll maybe cost $15-20 to get all the stuff. you need a massager brush like this one..

, a loofah, st ives apricot scrub (or any scrub like that but she suggests this one), aloe vera gel (make sure it's 95% aloe or above it should be a clearish brown tinted color not green!! lol) and some type of collegan lotion.. i'm sure almost everyone on this forum has some type of collegan lotion lol but if not she suggests the st ives collegan lotion. alright now you've got it all and you're ready to mix the scrub all it is is 4 tsp scrubs and 1/2 tsp aloe and if your skin is dry you can add some olive oil..just a little don't make the scrub runny. after the scrubs mixed take a 5-10 min shower or bath to get the skin wet..she makes this step a point so don't skip the shower or bath. then dry off and apply the scrub to your marks. with the massager brush massage the marks in circular motions along the stretch marks don't go too hard or side by side becasue this can widen the marks. if you have thicker skin (darker) massage for 2-3 min don't exceed 3-5 min on the same spot for thinner skin (lighter)massage 1-2 min not more than 2-3 on the same spot the skin should turn a pinkish color this means you're doing it right after that use a wet loofah to polish the area for 1-2 more min. dry your skin off and apply the lotion..for the lotion all you do is use half of whatever collegan lotion you have and half of the aloe vera. rub it together in your hands and apply it and voila! you're done! but there is a certain system as to how often you massage. for the first cycle you do what i just told you 2 nights in a row and then for 3 days after that you don't need to do anything except you can put on the lotion if you'd like..follow that cycle twice. on day 11 see how you're doing if you're seeing good progress go on to the 2nd cycle..first day do the whole massage and lotions next day nothing lotion optional, day after that do the whole shibang and then for 4 days in a row after that just apply lotions (optional) repeat this cycle 2-3 times before moving on to the 3rd...if you were seeing slower progress after day 11 from the 1st cycle go on to the 3rd cycle and skip the 2nd... do the exfoliation massage and lotions then for the next 3 days skip the massage and just do lotion then on the 5th day of that cycle do the massage and lotions again then for the next 5 days no massage just lotion. after this if you see good results do the same cycle again before moving on to the next if you see slower results with this cycle don't do it a second time and just move onto the next cylce (4th cycle) it's ten days long just like the 3rd and the first day you do the massage and lotion then for the next 9 you do nothing but apply lotion.

well there you have it...quite the mouthfull. i just started 2 nights ago and already the ones on my left thigh are gone (but they were only ripples no discoloration) so i'll keep you all posted on my progress as i continue. GOOD LUCK!! i hope this works for you all!! wouldnt it be great if this really removed them for everyone!? i sure hope so i really think this jean wu is onto something i feel like no dermatologists or doctors really try to find a way to get rid of them simply because they don't care! to them it's not life threatening just cosmetic...until you have them nobody realizes how it makes people feel talk about lowering your self esteem..anyway good luck again!! my hope has been restored! :D

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