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Re: Push is coming to shove. Urgent situation. Overwhelmed, help please.
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Push is coming to shove. Urgent situation. Overwhelmed, help please.


It sounds like you have gone through a lot. I think you are on the right track but maybe these tips might aid your recovery.

1) Firstly finding your balanced diet that doesn't cause any digestive discomfort, bloating or pain, by eliminating all foods that irritate the intestine, colon, stomach, liver and kidneys etc

These foods are good to begin with:
organic raw vegan vegetable soup - carrot, pumpkin, onion, leek, brocolli

Then gradually introduce 1 new food at a time to see how your body reacts. I know its annoying and difficult having such a limited diet having to be so strict but when all else fails its safer to reduce your diet to the bare minimum excluding everything and introduce new foods slowly to find out what you can tolerate currently and what you can't right now. Gradually the body adapts anyway and your bodies ability to deal with some foods can and will improve once you are balanced.

These foods are problematic:
High Sugar foods - including honey, maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, grapes and mango, papaya, dates, prunes, dried fruits,
Citrus fruits - ( except lime and lemon) including pineapple, oranges
Complex Starchs - grains, most beans, potatoes
High fibre foods - including grains, brown rice, beans, psyllium, flax meal
High fat foods - including avacado, nuts - pistachios, cashews, macademia, seeds, coconut, olives, fried foods, hydrogenated fats, saturated fats, old oxidised fats - including flax / linseed
Cooked, processed - beans, breads, yeast, vinegar, pickles, alcohol
Yeast - including all fermented foods - vinegar and apple cider vinegar, soy, miso, marmite, old fruits, dried fruits, old wheatgrass, a day old sprouts
High Oxalic foods - beetroot, spinach. These foods excrete calcium from your body and can lead to more constipation.
Raw vegetables - including cabbage, lettuce, (except carrots, cucumber)
Cold foods - including salads, iced drinks, icecream
Dairy - especially milk and cheese
Nighshade vegetables - including potatoes, tomatoes, aubergine

These can irritate and inflame the stomach, bload the intestine, ferment in the gut, and feed bacteria.

2) don't eat before 10am or after 8pm.

3) Reduce meals to 3 small ones a day (nothing more than 2 handfuls)

4) Always chew every mouthful slowly - approx 20 times Not only does it break down the food, by the time you come to swallow your stomach has caught up with your apetite and you will feel full before you end up eating too much causing a burden on both the stomach acid and liver.

5) 1hr before the meal drink 2 glasses of water. I have found that drinking a shot of turmeric powder or other liver tonic herb or spirce with water before drinking glasses of water really aids digestion.

Any other point during the day if your hungry don't eat, and instead have something to drink. Its very important to drink more than you eat during a day to help expand the food and take the edge off it as it travels through yout digestive system, while also providing the most important thing second to oxygen - hydration. See the book - your bodies many cries for water.

6) If your still hungry after 2 handfuls during a meal drink 1/2 mug of hot herbal tea. Though this contradicts the principle that drinking dilutes your digestive juices its not too much liquid, it expands dry food a little easing the burden of digestion and It actually helps to relieve apetite.

7) Once you have tried this method of eating for a couple of weeks and not felt any pain then you can try doing a colonic cleanse. First and foremost find your balance before embarking on anything demanding of the body.

8) After a colonic cleanse, then you need to rebuild the intestinal wall. I would encourage not using psyllium and its very drying for the body. Also avoid dry grains - like brown rice, complex sugars like beans, and high dry fibre foods. Stick to soluble fibre foods like fruits. This will help take the burden off the intestine while it heals. Use slipperly elm instead, as a fibre.

9) Once you feel you have cleansed yourself of parasites and fecal matter etc, then get yourself some easily assimilable protein source, brown rice protein, pea protein etc to help build up the gut again.

These are a few tips i have learned. Since drinking 2-3 litres a day and eating less I have found so much relief. And i go through regular bouts of indigestive problems - periodically about every 2 weeks.

good luck

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