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"Silica and the Microbe's Kiss" from AcresUSA magazine
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Published: 15 years ago
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"Silica and the Microbe's Kiss" from AcresUSA magazine

Silica and the Microbe’s Kiss


This is a synopsis of an article by Charles Walters in this past June’s AcresUSA magazine. (btw….please join and support this organization. They are the driving cutting edge force behind minerals in our soils and food. ). The article is primarily about a product from Ireland called G-5 silica. It’s only available via one distributor in the US right now. He’s at the end of the article. I’ll post links to Duffant’s story and the site in Ireland later)




Charles Walters wrote the Olree’s book “Minerals for the Genetic Code”, so his articles heavily draw on Olree’s book. (Walter’s papers are a little hard to read as they jump around…..if parts of these notes aren’t in dept enough it’s because the information was missing in the article. I tried to keep this really complete so anyone not getting the acres newsletters can follow the article totally)

The key point is that microbes put silica into the form we need to utilize it well.

  • Silica in ocean water is in an organic form due to microbial action in the water.  One liter of ocean water contains an average of 26,000 different microorganisms.
  • Olree tore his rotator cuff in an ice hockey game was unable to get it to repair naturally.
  • “The Cost of Discovery” by Loic Le Ribault  had landed on Charles Walters desk. Walters suggested to Olree to apply this form of silica to his torn rotator cuff. Within a few months of using this form of “organic” silica he had 100% recovery.
  • Willard Water has a carbon-silica formula in it. Willard uses beach sand crystals in his formula. It’s possibly diatoms in the sand that are the secret.
  • In the genetic code # 40 is silica and it’s related to selenium and the P-53 control gene for tumor suppression. It’s the most important mineral in protein sequencing.
  • Silica, iodine and selenium are heavily yoked together in needed each other to run effectively.
  • Silica is the glue for ligaments that anchor the brain to the skull.  It inhibits aluminum. To pull aluminum out of the body silica, calcium and magnesium must pull it through the kidneys.
  • Split nails, ridged nails, peeling and softness all tell of silica imbalance or deficiency
  • All ligaments require silica for strength and flexibility. The genetic sequence for joint lubricant genes make silica #1
  • Silica is -4 mineral and controls the -4 electron valences, namely rhodium and lutetium. Both of these are catalysts for other trace minerals such as molybdenum and possibly silver.
  • People short on silica develop Alzheimer’s because excess aluminum can’t be pulled out. Osteoarthritis is also another consequence of low silica in that proper collagen formation can’t happen as the lubricant isn’t made without silica
  • The Alzheimer’s gene has silica involved with Olree ran the numbers
  • Loic Le Ribault has his degree from the Sorbonne and other degrees dealing with oceanography, forensics and microanalysis. His story is involved and convoluted but his eclipsing discovery is organic silica.
  • (next 3 paragraphs taken straight from the article)

                 “ Mineral silica is found in its amorphous state and in crystalline form in such abundance that , as an old Irish saying has it, “it isn’t worth much, or strangers would have taken it away years ago.” Organic silica is of a different strip. It has one or more atoms of carbon associated with hydrogen in its molecular structure. It is absolutely essential in all living matter – plants, animals and human beings. Research reveals that it is found in significant amounts in cartilage, in the walss of blood vessels and in glands and organs – the thymus, adrenals, livr, spleen, pancreas, you name it.

                      LeRibault’s own words are well wroth quoting:” With age, the amount present in the body dwindles irreversibly, since the human system is incapable of transforming the mineral silica ingested from food and drink into organic silica.” The human organism cannot absorb inorganic minerals without the intervention of microorganisms, an observation hinted at by Maynard Murray’s vision of the ocean blessing the sand (Murray’s words were: “The ocean blesses the sand and soil if we let it”). He might well have added, “When organism-rich ocean waves bless the sand”. Tehre are many life forms that can do the conversions. Diatoms come to mind, as do certain fungi and other select microorganisms. Humans, however, do not know how.

                        In 1957 Norbert Duffaut, an organic chemist at the University of Bordeaux, actually synthesized an organo-silicate molecule. It was stabilized with salicylic acid. It proved effective in therapy and was named G-1. Unfortunately, Duffant’s molecule could not be used with patients allergic to salicylicates notably aspirin. G-2 followed, and both forms were promptly folded into medicine. Duffaut treated patients with heart disease, rheumatism and cancer. Even the professional press published articles extolling the value of G-1 and G-2. However, it soon became apparent that official medicine and the pharmaceutical industry wouldn’t budge. Duffaut’s career came to an end in 1993 when he was found dead under mysterious circumstances – poisoned by potassium cyanide – although the authorities ruled it suicide.

                       ………………files from his era tell of cures of Carre’s disease, cholesterol problems, hypertension, cirrhosis of the liver, mastitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc.

  • Le Ribault picked up Duffant’s work and extended it. He found microbes on the surface of beach sand converted the mineral silica to organic silica via organic acids they secrete. He began to immerse his hand with psoriasis into his mixture of organic silica and it disappeared.
  • Silica is the mineral that keeps the body’s energy flowing. “Readers who wish to study the ramifications of -4 and +4 with noble gases, iodine, selenium and phosphorous, will find that silica in the latticework governs all negatives. Carbon in turn governs all the positive minerals. ……when we note that organic silica combines -4 and +4 into a silica-carbon unit. That’s what makes Le Ribault’s molecules different from anything available ….”
  • Walter’s says he will go into more in later columns. Right now the G-5 silica is available from Matt Yanke in Farmington Hills, Michigan. 248-473-4453


(my note….this stuff isn’t cheap…..around $70 for a month’s supply. It might  be possible to brew a similar mixture using an inoculant that’s really broad based like effective microorganisms (also called EM) in a mixture with a high silica medium like horsetail.)



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