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I'm going nuts / overwhelmed by this me out (is anyone completely well of CFS?)
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Published: 14 years ago

I'm going nuts / overwhelmed by this me out (is anyone completely well of CFS?)

Hello everyone .. i'm new here. sorry if this is long.

I just started visiting this site recently (again) and i'm going absolutely nuts reading through the tons and tons of things to take, cleansing etc etc. There's just too much, nobody in their right mind could have the time to do these things for a year straight?? Especially if you work ! There has to be a simple list or way to do this. I dont have the time to experiment for a dang year. I'm also worried about looking like a skeleton after fasting. anyway... Sorry if i sound like i want instant gratification, but i have a good understanding of these things over the years, and dont want to wast time anymore. I could maybe handle a light fast, where i could try to keep my weight up at the same time?

I've had CFS/ME/Fibro since i was 15 and i've tried countless solutions over the years. Lately i've been struggling but making it through and feeling "decent". Especially after quitting coffee and using The Lightning Process. (which i think the mental aspect plays a huge role)

My biggest question is, what is the easiest way to start cleansing myself? Isn't there an easier list of things to repeat and practice? for instance.
I really dont want to buy 15 things just for a Bowel Cleanse for 12 months, and on top of that taking a million other things for each other cleanse (support of) It'll drive me nuts, i've been through it countless times with no satisfaction. I've tried ONE liver cleanse last week, and i saw some small changes, i'm happy about that and think that plays one of the biggest roles.

1. Bowel Cleanse with parasite cleanse
2. Dental cleanup (if you can afford it)
3. kidney cleanse and
4. Liver cleanse.

My plan is to
-start a Bowel Cleanse program that i can easily implement into the day (maybe morning etc). While adding fresh fruit and vegetables
-clean up any mouth problems (no metal in my mouth)
- kidney cleanse with Watermelon seeds on a constant basis
-LIver cleanse every few weeks for a while (first one worked nicely)
-pick a good supplement on a constant basis including : B complex (nervous system etc), a Good Multi , Mineral Complex and C's (easy .. 4 pills once or twice a day)
(personally i dont want to overwhelm myself with 15 vitamins (i can't deal with that or keep up with it, i'll give up.

I also have spinal problems, but i have a feeling that as my health rises, my body will handle that naturally over time. But i'm still worried about my cervical spine *neck* and that its encroaching on my spinal chord.

So thats 5 things.. seems like an easy plan. Anyone have suggestions that worked for them, or easy bowel cleansing?. I"m scared to do master cleanse and Fasting. Its hard when you work and have a life. I'm already 155 lbs at 24 years old. 5ft9/10. I should be more muscular (as i use to be) and have about 5 more pounds.

I really want to hear about people that are almost fully healed, but thats not common for me to hear??????...... I feel like i'm just doing the rounds or protocols over and over again to no avail.

suggestions? .. sorry this is long and complicated. I"m just frustrated


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