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Re: How many of you have had Candida for 1+ years?
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: How many of you have had Candida for 1+ years?

I have had it probably most of my life. However, once I started getting serious with treatment I have made tons of progress in a year and each month I get better. The key, I believe is finding what will work for you. If you simplify what candida is it makes it easier. Candida is a fungus that grows in your intestines. It survives on filth and that is why it is there. So, just like a moldy basement, get rid of the factors that cause it and you will get rid of it. In a moldy basement you will normally find moisture, no air circulation, lingering humidity and natural surfaces which it can grow on , for instance mold loves sheet rock. Not so much the rock part but the paper on both sides.

Now in your intestine what is causing candida to live there. Is it a poor diet, lack of minerals that sustain the healthy bacteria? Could it be that even if you have a good and strict candida diet your intestines could be full of areas that are not clean. Areas where food lays and rots. Pockets where food and waste collect. If you do research on bowel cleansing there is alot of information regarding the fact that most of us likely have a build up of mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque is waste made of feces and the mucous that lines the intestine to help lubricate its travels. Due to lack of fiber, water , and minerals it winds up hardening and sticking to the walls of the intestine stopping absorbtion of minerals we need to be healthy and causing a slow but definate decline in our condition. Candida feeds on this stuff, a way of the body to clean itself up. Anyway , usually candida or other funguses will multiple rapidly once we die as they feed on decaying matter. Ever see flies on a carcass? Pretty much the same idea. Nature cleans up after itself. Problem is we are not dead, but there sure is enough rotting in our gut that would let candida think it has cart blanche.

Usually the healthy bacteria that we should all have plenty of are there to help us break down food and turn it into enzymes and minerals & vits that we need. But if there is not enough healthy bacteria , well something has to break down our food.

So, what caused your candida? Poor diet? Antibiotics ? A little from column A and B? Do you have poor digestion, are you eating foods that are rotting? You really have to try to get at the angle as to why you have it before you can fix it.

Also, are you doing enough to fix it? I wasn't in the beginning., Diet is NOT enough. Eating garlic or taking antifungals was not enough. I realized after years of suffering what I needed to do. I needed bowel cleansing, by all available methods. That means enemas, fiber shakes and I eat large salads at least once a day. The fiber is the most effective way to give candida the 1 2 punch. It cleans the intestine, promotes digestion, supplies much needed nutrition, and helps out the healthy bacteria. Since beginning my regimen I have passed so much candida it is no wonder I was almost dead.

To get rid of candida you must come at it from all angles and if you are not making progress, then you either are not doing enough, not doing the right things or you do not have candida, IMO


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