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Early days, but I am noticing some improvements already...
skillIian123 Views: 1,277
Published: 13 years ago

Early days, but I am noticing some improvements already...

Well, just to let people know what seems to be working for me and admmittedly, I still haven't committed myself wholeheartedly to the process. Meaning I cheat sometimes :-/.

Maybe my case isn't as severe as I thought it was, or maybe I am just lucky, but after reading some of the problems and the seemingly endless trials by people here, my healing efforts almost felt a bit too easy in comparison. I amn't playing those experiences down at all, it's just some cases make the condition appear hopeless, y'know? But from my own experiences I feel that this thing can most certainly be eradicated. Understand, I am in no way 100% but I feel alot better than I did for the last few years.

I should also mention that I have only started addressing my health properly in the last 2 months, and even then I haven't been on a strict diet, but instead, choose a more nutritious and careful one. It is hard to sort through all the contradictory stuff online, and then the diets that (if you read enough of them) seem to rule out virtually everything or find fault with something a previous diet did not.

Anyways, I thought i'd list a few things have helped me so far. Nothing amazing here, just a trial and error process that I went through...

Alaklizing. A major one. Do not discount this as trivial. My god, my symptoms are actually bearable when I alkalize. Do you know that many websites will still say that Candida thrives in an alkaline environment and to stay acidic! That is abslolute crap! I never felt better and notice an almost immediate improvement when I alkalize. I found it hard enough to just use foods to do this though, so make sure a good strong calcium supplement is involved which will really raise your PH level. I'm using coral calcium. I find symptoms really recede when I alkalize. Watermelon, lemons are said to be highly alkaline. Alka-seltzer works well too. Why do you think people take it for hangovers? Aren't we, as candida sufferers, in a way always dealing with the alcohol damage the candida creates? Also, for die-off sypmtoms alkalizing is a must.

Heavy metals. Don't discount this one either. Hundreds of people have problems with metal, and you don't have to have fillings to have these problems! I would almost say it is pointless to pursue a candida treatment program unless you are cleansing for heavy metals. I didn't use anything fancy, just Cilantro from the store. Costs me 50c for a small bag of it. I chew handfulls of the leaves during the day. My allergies that seemed to go alongside the symptoms have cleared up since. I add it to soups when I can also. But the leaves aren't hard to take anyways. Please try it if you haven't already!

Good bacteria. I didn't do shakes, I just went with natural yoghurt and an acidooph. supplement (refigerated). Within a few days I felt like I had more energy and that alot of my insides were sorting themselves out (if that makes any sense).

Vitamin C. It has to be good supplement and a good (perferably alkaline) form of vit C. I bought the ester-C brand and I take 3 of them daily. As stupid as it sounds, I had kinda written vitamin C off as a hoax of some kind, because I never noticed any improvement with it. Only then did I read about finding the right kind and how the acid/alka differences matter.

Excercise. I'm not talking anything heavy, but even walking the dog for a few laps and breathing in the fresh air. Since fatigue is/was an issue for me I usually went with walking, and when I did it at my own pace with no expectations in mind it was fine.

Some personal observations...

Steer clear of sodas. All soft drinks. They seem to run rampage, even if they are low in sugar. A coke, or a fanta can cause a mericless flare-up of symptoms in me. I guess it's the combo of sugar, acid etc. but it's almost like poison for candida. I would rate sodas as probably the most dangerous thing for candida, above even eating raw sugar.

Bread -at least for me, isn't so bad. I still eat bread, not alot but with soups and stuff occasionally. It is brown (wheat) bread though but nothing specialized or flour-free. I just get it at my local store and I don't really see an increase in symptoms with it? I know everyone is different though.

Well, just my 2 cents. I hope people will read this and see that there is hope!

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