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Re: SAFETY: SURGERY! Reasons needed for avoiding gallbladder removal?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: SAFETY: SURGERY! Reasons needed for avoiding gallbladder removal?

I wish I would have found this website 8 years ago.

I went to the doctor after having sharp pains in my side. They were an ongoing battle I had for months, and no one ever found anything. One day I was not feeling so well, and I had bad pains in my side. I went to the doctor, and they had me drink some green stuff, and also did an ultrasound and x-ray.
They found that I had stones in my Gallbladder.
This doctor basically referred me to a surgeon to remove the gallbladder, because he said since it runs in my family, all I ever will have is trouble with stones and that it would only continue. I had my Gallbladder removed, and I wish I hadnít!

I get on here and see all these postings of folks who do these flushes and feel great! I was never given any options other than surgery, and to this day I get very upset! I hate the fact that the doctors I went to saw nothing but $$$ signs. They should have informed me. I had no clue. They made it sound like such a necessary thing.

He never told me about how diet can affect the gallbladder and the forming of stones. I also had read somewhere about a medication that helps dissolve stones, and then lets discuss ALL the things that could have went wrong!

There are tons of people on here who had horrible experiences! Between side affects and the cutting of organs by mistake, it is just a frightening thought that I ever even did this!

And then letís talk about the embarrassment of having to go through surgery! I donít care what anyone says, doctors are human, and they are seeing you laid out naked! And VULNERABLE! That is such a scary thought! Ok, maybe they donít do anything inappropriate to you, but I am sure that while folks are under anesthesia, the surgeons and nurses may SAY inappropriate things about you.

I know we as a society would like to think that doctors arenít that way, but as we have seen now a days on TV news programs of Doctors molesting patients and nurses killing patients, I donít trust any of them.

I wish I would have been with my now husband back then. He would at least been there to support me questioning the doctor.
Sometimes I think doctors find patients unsuspecting and vulnerable, especially by themselves, and could talk them into anything.

When I have to go to the doctor now, my husband is the first person who is in there with me. I do not trust them! And donít ever let any doctor tell you that your spouse cannot be in there with you either! My husband comes with me or I leave! I have never had an issue, yet.
I know I had mine done, but I wish I hadnít. Stones can still form, even without your gallbladder.
Gallbladder surgery is not necessary! People, change your diet, cut the grease and fat from your diets, drink plenty of water, you will be fine!!! Unless your gallbladder is diseased, there should not be a reason to do this unnecessary surgery.

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