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A lot of them are feeling "trapped" as well...
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Published: 15 years ago
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A lot of them are feeling "trapped" as well...

I could see the writing on the wall for my own. From this area, has another top professional for a brother in this area....

The pressures of a man "needing to succeed" seem to outweigh (in a weak man) the original desires to heal, or why they became a doctor in the first place - especially if mommy and daddy wanted you to be a doctor in the first place or wifey-poo really likes all that money you make.

In the very few times I've seen my own MD (well, the one we had due to the constraints of my former insurance company) and "read between the lines" of what he said to us, I feel he got backed into a corner. He, like so many others, are "connected" with the local hospital, of which the administrators of said hospital pretty much "own" you. If you don't comply with their protocol, you...are...OUT.

And God help you if you can can another doctoring job...because they're mostly all the same.

Our own MD told us quite early, that he was proud of husband for doing so well on diet alone. But, the hospital administrators must have "stepped in" somehow, cuz the next visit had doctor tell husband he had his "arm twisted" to comply with the hospital administrators' wishes and had to tell husband he needed to go on drugs.

I did tell doctor that I appreciated his candor, but that I hoped he'd be able to succeed in life without being under someone's evil thumb...or some such thing.

I didn't envy his position...and from the aspect of the "community" - I got the impression his wife enjoyed her "status" and all the crap that goes along with it and her $400,000 house.

Bottom line, with all of my doctor's education, he's a weak man, and to be pitied...and prayed for.

No, the doctors themselves are not necessarily the evil ones, but those who lead them around by the nose, hold their strings (or leashes), and set the rules...ARE!

I actually cannot wait for my daughter to have her "required physical" for school, (and for him to see just how damn healthy we are), so that I have my chance to tell him HOW we got there. Then HE can help, ONE PERSON at a we are doing.

It won't be easy for him, but in his own little circle...he can have an effect.

added EDIT:
I was working on this before V added his second post, but I'll leave it as it stands. Basically, we're in agreement here!

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