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Re: id like your opinion on what has happened to us

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: id like your opinion on what has happened to us

Tinabanana: Here goes. First, my condolences to what happened to your boyfriend. I hear the horror stories every now and then and I wonder.

All of what you suggest is possible. When I graduated from College the first thing I did is go work with my father for a couple of weeks. He gave me a lot of "basics" necessary to successfully run my practice. One of the first rules he told me was. If after three adjustments the patient isn't responding the way you think they should toss everything you think you know about it and reevaluate the whole thing. Good advise and I've lived by that. Next, if after two weeks there is no improvement think referal to a neurosurgeon for a possible herniated disc.

It sounds to me like your BF slipped a disc the first time. A slipped disc is fixable via chiropractic and usually only takes about two weeks to do. But it's a very specific technic developed by Jim Cox out of Indiana and has only been available since 1985 when he completed his research. It's called Intersegnmetal traction. Not all Chiropractors are aware of this technic.

It sounds like the second chiropractor attempted to do this. However, once the disc is herniated (ruptured) there's not much a Chiropractor can do about it and surgery is the only answer. That's why the two week limit.

Chiropractic is great at correcting a bulging discs. What you would understand to be a "slipped disc". But it takes a very specific technic to accomplish this.
Cox Intersegmental traction. I use a variation of Cox together with Thompson and Barge technics and am very successsful with the slipped disc cases. (Too successful, I get all the hard ones no one else around here can fix). But, again, once the disc is ruptured I send them to the neurosurgeon.

Sometimes the enthusiam of youth gets in the way thinking chiropractic can fix everything. It can't. I was lucky, if I ran into a problem all I had to do is call my father.

Your BF should recover fully. Once the debris from the herniated disc is cleaned up from around the nerves the human body is very good at healing itself. For sure he'll know the rest of his life that he had a serious injury at that spot but it shouldn't stop him from participating fully in life. He'll be able to tell when the weather is going to change.

The most important thing now is his attitude. Is he going to let this rather serious situation ruin him or is he going to overcome it and carry on. I've seen some remarkable recoveries over the years by people that were deemed hopeless. Myself included. Also my sister who has her testamonial on my web site.

As far as exercises he can do, or anyone can do, to insure proper mechanical function of their spine the rest of their life, of course there are some basics I suggest. But at this stage of the game he should be resting and allowing the healing process to work. Listen to what the neurosurgeon is saying and follow his advise. I don't know about Canada but we have some excellent neurosurgeons here in Michigan. I have complete confidence them. As they do me.

Again, my condolences to you and your BF. If you care to talk to me personally about this my email is available on my web site or through this forum. Doc

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