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HOW I KNOW the stones are Liver/Gall Stones
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Published: 14 years ago

HOW I KNOW the stones are Liver/Gall Stones

I just completed my 2nd flush 2 days ago.

I KNOW the stone this time were Liver/Gall stones, how? Because the olive oil/grapefuit mix was an orangish color, probably due to the Black-Walnut drops.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, the stones were all different colors, shapes and sizes. Some had a dark forest green "shell" and inside was a lighter BRIGHT green. Others were beige, some almost black (the smallest ones) most were lime green pea size, and others were brown. A few were the size of a nickle and alot of them the size of sesame seeds.

If the OO/GF congealed they would HAVE to have been the same color as the mixture, NOT all different colors. And I would think they would be the same size too.

Also, I had pain with a fluttering/smasm (not bad) right under my lower right ribs in a specific area for about 10 minutes, following the OO/GF mix (I read there is no pain, and I didn't have any pain with the first flush) and I still have a fluttering/smasm (not painful) in that same area still off and on.

I bowel cleansed for more than a week before this flush, I did not eat anything for more than 18 hours except water, and 1 apple 4 hours before the first Epsom salt. So there was nothing in my digestive track at all. After my second epsom salt, I started the "butt pee", first the "apple came out", after that, just lots of clear water.

If they are congealed OO, why were they all different colors and shapes and sizes? Why did I have pain in the exact area where my gall bladder/liver is and no where else?

I was very skeptical after my first flush when they all came out basically all the same pea size and shape and ALL Lime Green, I thought they could possibly be congealed OO, but NOT THIS TIME!

The first flush, I got very sick, naseated, dizzy, and got a migrain to boot AND my kidney's hurt so bad and continued to hurt for more than a week. This time:

I felt totally peaceful, a bit hungry thoughout (I also read your not suppose to get hungry) no dizziness, no kidney pain then or now, it was truly pleasant (except for the butt pee) The first flush I really thought I was going to die getting so deathly ill. I just had to give it another whirl and SO GLAD I DID!! I didn't even do a kidney cleanse first that I was going to do to prevent kidney pain like the last time. I did do a parasite cleanse for 1 month, 3 months ago.

BENEFITS: I now have such peaceful energy, there are roses in my cheeks which I NEVER have, I have unusual clarity and focus of mind, my back does NOT hurt at all, HUH? And just a sense of well being that I hardly ever have.

Just Awesome! I will continue to flush regularly until there are no more stones and my liver is very happy :)

TIP: Use an adult diaper during the butt pee phase, it will really help you sleep much better knowing there won't be any butt pee coming out on your sheets, and you will sleep soundly, seriously.



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