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Re: Flush
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Flush

70, Dennis Hardy KNOWS that I hold him in high regard, he's earned it, but here, I disagree with him.

Hydrangea is a stone buster and does it's job very well, but it's not going to flush your liver.

Gallbladder surgery is the #1 surgery being performed in America today. It's treating the symptom not the cause. You weren't having gallbladder attacks because you had a diseased unnecessary organ. You were having gallbladder attacks because of your diet ... PERIOD. Taking your gallbladder out didn't rectify the situation, it just removed the pain. Not changing your diet will set up the same situation in your liver that you had in your gallbladder ... and lemme tell ya from personal experience ... YOU DO NOT WANT THAT!!!! Gallstones are not gallbladder stones but stones made from the bile that is created in the liver, without a gallbladder, you're surely setting up your liver for problems if you're not eating right and flushing your liver of the accumulated congested bile and cholesterol.

What makes me so sure that I'm right? Pain in my gallbladder and liver so intense that it hurt to breathe in the fall of '05. I've passed thousands of stones in the last 18 months, 20+ of them more than an inch in diameter. Considering that the gallbladder is just over an inch long, those could NOT have possibly all come out of my gallbladder!!

I read Kevin Trudeau's first natural cures book, I googled every health term, every name, every cleanse. I formulated the Plzchuckle Holistic Lifestyle on my own and I'll share it with you:

#1. I drink PURE water (I distill my own), organic juice and herbal teas only ... 1/2 oz per pound of my body weight daily.

#2. I eat organic, most of it raw ... I supplement with organic, unrefined, cold pressed plant oils - 3-5 tablespoons daily.

#3. I'm doing the cleanses, I'm doing them in order ... I'm doig them THOROUGHLY.


Cleansing order is only a matter of common sense. Your elimination system have to be operating optimally in order to get the toxins out. So here's my personal list of order:

#1. colon cleanse

#2. kidney cleanse

#3. parasite cleanse

#4. liver cleanse - 2 parts: liver flush until you have 3 flushes in a row with no stones, then liver cell cleansing with a herb such as milk thistle.

#5. lung cleanse

#6. lymph cleanse

#7. heavy metal cleanse

#8. candida cleanse

#9. full body cleane/juice fasting

If you use a herbal line of products, cleanses can be done together as they are simply food that is feeding the systems. I'd recommend that you do all but 4,7,8&9 from day one if you wish ... wait a minimum of 7 days on the first 3 before liver flushing ... wait until you are positive that your elimination system are optimal before attempting heavy metal or candida cleansing. When to start 9 is a personal choice, but this can cause flu-like symptoms when the cells start releasing toxins and you need your elimination channels open to be able to move the toxins out.

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