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Candida Glabrata (bladder, frequent urination, oral, mouth)
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Published: 14 years ago

Candida Glabrata (bladder, frequent urination, oral, mouth)

I hope this helps someone with similar problems ...
I had medical issues in the past year, culminating with two (nerve-related) surgeries in December. All told in the past year I've taken around 10 - 12 rounds of Antibiotics and 1 round of prednisone. These drugs completely upset the balance of my system allowing Candida to grow.

Anxiety and fatigue have plagued me since December, but those I attributed to my surgery. I had several panic attacks, which freaked me out because in addition to racing heart and anxiety I had pain in my arm and chest. Let me just say too that I am a 33-year-old gal that generally enjoys good health so all this was crazy. In January I began having burning mouth and was diagnosed with Candida ... put on Mycelex. After two rounds of Mycelex it cleared up the sores, but the burning continued.

In March I began experiencing frequent urges to urinate -- one day I went as many as 24 times. Typical days ranged from 13 (a good day) up to the 24. I CONSTANTLY felt pressure in my bladder and a desire to urinate. I was put on two rounds of Antibiotics without receiving a urine test ... my doctor "felt sure" it was a bacterial UTI. Neither Antibiotic worked. I went in for a urine test and also asked if the infection could be fungal since I'd taken so many Antibiotics ... my doctor dismissed that idea as "not likely". The test game back negative for bacteria and I was referred to a urologist.

The urologist did a urine culture ... which grows for a month. While we waited for the results, I had a cystocope (showed red inflammation), urodynamic testing (horribly embarassing, but with normal results), ultrasounds (normal) and a CT-scan (normal). I was also asked to measure my input and output ... it was during that time that I noticed white mucous sediment floating in my urine. I looked all over the web ... sure that it was Candida ... and found nothing until I came across a post from this site. I called the doctors and told them what I saw and they both told me that perhaps the sample wasn't "clean catch". I tried to explain to them that I thought of that and was careful myself to ensure that it was. Plus, come on ... with how many times a day I was urinating I had a pretty good number of samples. Anyway, a month later the culture results were in and I had Candida Glabrata. She prescribed 5 days of Diflucan at 100 mg/day.

I started to get better. And ... I started to do research. Apparently C. Glabrata must be treated longer than 5 days if by Diflucan and in many cases it is resistant to Diflucan all together. I called the urologist and my internist and they thought I was being silly. "This should knock it out" I was told. The medication was working and I had several great days. Four days after I completed the course ALL of my symptoms were back.

I called my internist and asked for help -- I needed someone experienced to treat this and get rid of it. I was given the name of an Infectious Disease specialist. He knew what it was and that 5 days wasn't sufficient. He put me on it for 14 days and I will come back for monitoring at that time, but likely be on it longer.

In addition, I'm taking homeopathic remedies prescribed by a homeopathic practitioner, probiotics, acidophilis, Garlic, Candidease, and Candidestroy. I'm limiting sugar, have cut out caffine, don't drink alcohol, don't smoke and have added Kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and probiotic yogurt to my diet. I will be starting P&B shakes in the next week or so.

I don't really have a ton of answers for anyone because I'm not cured ... yet, but I'm thinking positive. I wanted to detail my struggle so that if anyone else shows up looking for answers or wants to compare symptoms they can see that they're not alone. People thought I was nutty when I was sure that I had a fungal infection that was causing the frequncy ... I'm just glad that I'm finally getting to the bottom of it.

Good health wishes to all of you! I'm so grateful for this website ... I've learned so much!

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