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New to forum, Detox question and thank you to Unyquity
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Published: 15 years ago

New to forum, Detox question and thank you to Unyquity

I started taking Iodine about a month ago, after reading this forum out of sheer curiosity and becoming convinced that Iodine was something that I should at least try. I bought Lugol's and started on 1 drop a day. I was not at all prepared for what I suspect was a detox reaction. Two or three days after beginning the Iodine I started feeling very crappy. I ran a low grade fever, my sinuses produced more mucus, and was I exhausted, but the worst part was the sore throat I got. It was amazingly painful! The weird thing about it was that the pain was most severe up high where my tonsils are, in fact my tonsils were so inflamed they were bleeding a little bit (I noticed when I brushed my teeth)!! I was also producing mass amounts of saliva. Needless to say I was not at all happy. At first I thought I was just sick, and I tried taking an extra drop of iodine. I instantly felt worse and I couldn't even finish the glass of water I had added the drop of iodine too. This was on the second day of having the sore throat. The rest of the day I felt absolutely terrible. My boyfriend, who I live with, expressed concern but I told him I would rather wait a few days before going to the doctor. (I always prefer to be sick longer and avoid Antibiotics , so I wait for a week before I even consider going to an MD.) Since it hurt so much to swallow, and since I was producing so much saliva I was constantly swallowing I decided to get a bowl to spit into. Yeah, I know this is gross, sorry. The next few sentences will be even grosser so here is your warning to skip them if you want. Within 45 minutes I had spit out about a cup of this incredibly gross saliva and mucus, it was frothy and had what looked like pus in it! But I started feeling better almost immediately. I got up and ate some food for the first time that day (had no appetite before). I dealt with my throat by eating a raw jalapeno before I ate anything else. It may sound weird but it sure made my throat feel better for about a half hour so I could eat some meat. I kept the bowl by my bed and kept spitting into it all night and by the morning I felt significantly better. My throat still hurt but I felt like my brain was functioning again. For the next two days I continued spitting out the excess saliva instead of swallowing it and I felt normal after 3 days. The thing that makes me wonder if it was detox is this: when I increase my iodine dose I get a much milder form of that same gross feeling my the back of my throat and I seem to get the same buildup of unusual mucus in my throat/sinuses. Its weird because I know I am not sick yet the mucus is the same color it is when I am sick, off-yellow instead of clear. Thankfully there is never very much of it, and it goes away very quickly (as in within a day or even a few hours). I also have been getting sores in and around my mouth. Its very rare for me to get these. Right now I have what looks like a cold sore near my mouth. Its the second sore like it I've ever gotten in my entire life and it seems a bit suspicious to me that I suddenly get it when I start on the iodine. Other than my initial strange reaction and the sore I'm feeling great. My mood, energy, and concentration are better than they've been in years. My skin, which is constantly dry, is finally improving and I'm definetly less prone to low blood sugar. I am doing salt loads (2 or 3 times a day), taking extra vit. c and selenium in addition to a multi-vitamin& mineral (I'm working on getting extra magnesium, funds are a problem). Various other strange things have been happening to me, but since I expect some strangeness from detoxing and from what I have read on this forum I am not overly-concerned. Also, I am feeling MUCH better than I have in a long time so I'm confident that something good is happening. Is it possible that the initial reaction I had was iodine-detox related? I'm positive I've got tons of bromide in me. I used to eat plenty of bread (before I realized how terrible grains are and gave them all up) and I've discovered (from this forum actually) that the asthma medication I used in the past (albuterol) has bromine/bromide in it. Any thoughts? My theory is that, since I know my liver is not working as well as it should (long story), my lymph system (i.e. tonsils) had to do more of the detoxing, but I also could just have gotten sick. This post got way longer than I intended and if you actually read the entire thing, thank you. I would also like to personally thank Unyquity for putting up those audio files. I listened to the 2 hour interview w/ dr. fletchas and it was fascinating and VERY helpful. Seriously, you are awesome for making those available.

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