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My list, colloidal silver, my upcoming book and oil pulling (whew)

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Free Clark DVD!
Bestselling author Dr. Hulda Clark claims to have cured cancer

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Tony Isaacs Views: 2,806
Published: 14 years ago
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My list, colloidal silver, my upcoming book and oil pulling (whew)

You were right - I should have emailed you! And I will later on.

An Alaskan herbalist? Does the term Montenuscan Thunderf*ck mean anything to you? I think I will continue that discussion off-forum.

When you say "my list", which one are you referring to? The list that is in my posted article "Modern Medicine versus Nature in Treating Cancer" contains Colloidal Silver and I consider it one of THE essentials. Along with the Oleander I have researched and written about. One of my current projects is replacing the 50% preservative portion in "oleander soup" that is normally vodka or apple cider vinegar with Colloidal Silver .

One of the guys I mentioned that is in my forum is a huge Iodine fan. He is the author of the article I posted in the Iodine Support Forum. You might want to check out his links to a form of Iodine advocated by Edgar Cayce . He even has an article about making your own version of it.

BTW, Oleander has had tremendous success with lung cancer. My 84 year old uncle was assured by his oncologist that "targeted radiation" would take care of his lung cancer in short order. Instead it continued to grow and began to spread. He chucked the oncologist and switched to Oleander after investigating it at MD Anderson where the world's leading authority on oleander, Dr. Robert Newman, works.

After only a few months, his lung cancer is in remission, the tumor shrinking away and there are no signs of cancer anywhere else in his CT scans.

The guy who figured out the "oleander soup" home remedy version of the patented medicine Anvirzel, used it to rid his elderly mother of lung and liver cancer.

You can make it at home (that should appeal to you) for only pennies and when you condense it down further and make it into a creme/lotion (many mix it 50/50 with an aloe and vitamin e base), it removes warts, moles, age spots, pre-cancerous lesions, and all kinds of "skin thingies" as one of my forum members describes them. It also combines well with the excellent Black Salve to get rid of skin cancers.

An aqueous oleander extract (nerium oleander extract or NOE) was tested in European studies in 1986-87 and found to have six times the immune stimulating activity of the two most potent patented immune stimulators known to man (both from Japan). One of the more amazing things about oleander for those who insist on chemo and radiation is that it either eliminates or greatly lessens ALL known side effects including hair loss (with the sole exception that it does not eliminate hair loss if the chemo drug of choice is Cisplatin).

My original book has oleander as the main topic, but also contains a wealth of information about other natural anti-cancer, anti-disease and anti-aging remedies, supplements, plants, vitamins and much more. As great as my regard for oleander is, I do not believe in relying on one single item to fight cancer. The more weapons you have in your arsenal, the better your chances of winning the battle.

I think a lot of people fall into the trap of depending upon one single item or limited protocol while cancer has many underlying causes and characteristics and there are natural ways to address each one. That is the idea behind my current book project, which I intend to research and write very carefully over the next 6-12 months: taking a look at every thing we know about cancer and it's underlying causes and the most effective natural ways to address those causes and then combining them into a single, comprehensive protocol that will give a person the very best chances of beating cancer and keeping it at bay (realizing that some adaptions and/or considerations will be likely for some specific types of cancers).

There are a lot of books that are more or less surveys of many of the things and/or treatments. The problem with that is that it tends to overwhelm the reader with choices (there are, after all, over 350 different alternative cancer treatments out there). Few give a step by step and complete protocol, and none that I am aware of give such a plan and protocol that addresses EVERY area of knowledge and concern - at least not to the extent I plan to do.

My current book and the outline of the one I am working on led to a sponsored book deal - so basically I am being paid to write the book I was going to write anyway and assured that it will be published. Although I have the basic outline and much of the material, it is the details that will take meticulous research to make sure I get it right. And I am still learning about some areas where my knowledge is less than complete - such as iodine and oxygenation (I am fascinated with the baking soda idea). Oil pulling is a whole new ballgame - maybe you can mentor me on that one?

(Tony Isaacs)

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