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Re: phosphatidal serine vs phosphorylated serine?
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: phosphatidal serine vs phosphorylated serine?

Isoort isn't exactly a glandular, it is a replacement. It contains cortisol (2.45 mg. per pellet). I was on the Future Formulations products for about 2 years without much improvement, then on a combo of Mil-Adregen and Adrenal Cortex extract drops for about another year, still no improvement. My cortisol numbers on saliva tests continue to decline until I was in adrenal failure. And, many of my saliva tests I took while ON these products, which apparently did not elevate my coritsol.

I started small amounts of Cortef last November, but I couldn't tolerate it very well. It was giving me head rushes. Then I started with Isocort and worked my way up to 6-7 pellets a day. On subsequent saliva tests my cortisol would raise about 2 points for each pellet. Ie; Morning baseline 3.4, took 2 pellets, another saliva sample 1/3 hr. later showed a jump to 7.4.

Armour is natural in the sense that it is not synthetic. It's made from pig thyroid. Check out for more in depth info on why it's better than synthetic. It you really study this site and it's links it will help you understand adrenal and thyroid combo issues. Also do a google search for "Gail's Thyroid Tips" (it will give you the site) for some awesome info on adrenal/thyroid issues and her experience. They almost identically mirror my own.

But for what it's's my experience and cautions.

I nearly died from taking thyroid meds BEFORE optimizing and raising cortisol. THYROID NEEDS adrenal hormones to be used in the body. With your adrenals so fatigued by extremely careful, even with natural supplementation and take it slow. I still cannot tolerate any more than about 7.5 mg. PER DAY of Armour.

I started 3 months ago on full bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as I was low in absolutely every hormone. I use only cream or gel versions. It's best to wait 3 months then retest as it takes that long to build up in the fatty tissues of the body.

I use Life-Flo DHEA cream, small amounts of Life-Flo pregnenolone cream, 1 mg. of testosterone gel, Real Estriol cream from
and Estadiol gel.

If you really have severe adrenal fatigue you will feel awful much of the time; sluggish like you just ran 10 miles with no breakfast, with sleep disturbances, feeling wired yet exhausted. Take you temperature during the day and in the morning and read up on on what this means. It's telling on what your adrenals are doing.

My experience has been that all the natural supplements help somewhat but ONLY if your own adrenals are in a state where they can repair on their own. Mine could not, and I really needed REPLACEMENT cortisol. I'm also having my aldosterone levels checked. I would recommend your doctor check this as well if you have adrenal fatigue. Also, check POTASSIUM levels (blood test). This will tell you if the adrenals are not producing aldosterone which controls sodium/potassium in the body. This is crucial to check in severe adrenal fatigue that is not responding to natural supplementation.

Another thing to consider is that many people who have both adrenal/thyroid issues do not convert hormones well and have to take the exact replacement they are missing and not rely on conversion. In my case I had elevated DHEA from supplementation but extremely low on everything it was supposed to convert TO.

It's trial and error for each individual and unfortunately not many doctors are educated in this area. If you use a product for say....4-6 months and tests show NO improvement move on to something else.


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