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Published: 14 years ago


vulcanel, you are sillier than i first thought. below is your rendition of my people. are you still wearing your silly little 'veterans' hat, (which tells people that you are a man of war,) lol. your bloody ego is overbearing! take a seat.Cool.               

[[I think it was a model show of restraint. Had I been required to endure that stench of that which was passing as "food" at the time on the british side, I would have likely broken rank. They ought be right damned grateful they were permitted to escape at Dunkirk.]]

how dare you insult men and women who fought and died for the freedom that they gave us all. as for our luck, just who stood up to the german machine when they attempted to overun free thinking people? definitely not you my friend,no we stood alone with help from canadians, new zealanders, polish, and a few other's. neo's french?. no they were overun in a few weeks, then collaborated, viva la france.  yes you helped us with tanks etc. (we payed the last instalment only this year for that 'help'). yes the us were at dunkirk, but only because of the tragedy at 'pearl harbour' that you entered the war. as for stinking food just look a bit closer to home where your people drink polluted water and your whole infrastructure is in a mess. get your own house in order before you insult other's. if you wish to trash me, continue for there is much i've learnt about 'zeta potential', collodial silver etc. vulcanels answer to 'good health', have a drink of your distilled water and go for it. tomi.



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