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astrocytoma-brain cancer - Dr. Clark's protocol
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Published: 16 years ago
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astrocytoma-brain cancer - Dr. Clark's protocol


From: "Anthony Solbach"
Date: Wed Nov 17, 1999 1:00 am
Subject: RE: Questions

In July 1996 my wife went in for emergency
surgery to remove a large mass from her temporal lope. The neurosurgeon told
me that unless she had surgery immediately she would lapse into a coma. The
pathological studies indicated she had a stage III astrocytoma. He was only
able to remove 80% of the mass. After a 2 months of post operative recovery
she underwent a radiation treatment---the max one can get in life-time.
Scans indicated the tumor was gone.

This was in Oct. of 1996. It was also in Oct that I first saw
Dr. Clark's book, The Cure For All Cancers.

I dismissed it as bombast without reading it.

In Feb. 1997 a MRI scan indicated that the cancer was back.

We were devastated. Since there were no known effective "chemo" treatments
for brain cancer and more radiation was out of the question,
surgery was all that was left to us.

It was at this time that I recalled Clark's book and decided to read it.

I was astonished by what I read.

We decided to try the parricide treatment.

But we did not use Clark's Herbs.

We use a tincture of fresh-green black-walnut oil, clove oil and Wormwood
which we purchase at a local heath food store under the product label of NOW.

She took a teaspoon of the stuff every day for two weeks. We
then went in and had a MRI scan. Remarkably the scan indicated a significant
reduction in the size of the tumor. But the Dr.s still advised surgery to
remove what was left. We agreed. In July of 1997 she went under the knife
again, But the surgeon was not able to remove with certainty 100% the
affected area. Post operative scans confirmed this. She continued with the
parricide program and added daily use of the zapper and also took flax oil
and cottage cheese as way fortifying her metabolism. Since July of 1997 we
have had MRI scans every six month. Every one has been clear with not a hint
of tumor or abnormality. Even our Dr. asked for the protocol we were using.

Does the treatment work? I believe it does. But one must follow the
guidelines and be willing not only to educate one's self about the disease,
but also be willing to change one's habits. I have seen a people with cancer
take Clark's methods apply them in limited manner, eliminate their tumors,
but later under pressure from doctors or family stop the program or fail to
take seriously the charge to change one's diet or habits. In one case a man
with terminal liver cancer got rid of his liver tumor (as per MRI scan),
but later was talked out of the protocol and life-style changes by his
doctor. And now two years later the cancer is back and yet he refuses to go
back on the program because he does not want to disappoint his doctor! Yet,
his Dr. can do nothing for him. Amazing!

I have two other incidents that I might relay at another time concerning
liver cancer if anyone is interested or you may contact me by email at

A Solbach


From: "Anthony Solbach"
Date: Sun May 7, 2000 12:55 am
Subject: RE: [DrClark] Re: An Anecdote

My wife had brain cancer. We did surgery and radiation. The cancer returned
in less than 3 months. We decided to do something else. Chemo was not an
option because the DRs said it was useless against brain cancer; and she
received all the radiation she could get in a life-time. I read Dr. Clark's
book. Did the walnut/zapper thing and went in for a MRI scan two weeks
later. The scan indicated a positive change (a reduction of the tumor). This
was in 96/97. We have continue on the maintenance program ever since. We get
MRI scans every six months. All the scans have been clear as light ever

Now what do you think Bill?
Anecdotal, you bet!
Note statistically meaningful, probably.

Individually--very meaningful.

For a person with aggressive brain cancer its very meaningful.

We told another brain cancer suffer what we were doing and what results we had. For some reason they did
not seem impressed. He died six months later. Surgery and radiation did not
stop the cancer one bit. Same stuff my wife had.

I know modern medicine is based on statistics, So what? All I know is--- we
did what Dr. Clark said and my wife has been cancer free ever since.



From: "Anthony Solbach"
Date: Tue Dec 19, 2000 5:14 pm
Subject: RE: [DrClark] concerning Clark's program

I don't know how many of this list has ever had to deal with
a real cancer situation using Clark's methods. I have; and
on more than one occasion and I know it works---IF you stay
on the program!

I will not repeat my testimony again---if you're interested
it's in the archives.

But, I absolutely agree with Penny here. I have seen people
get rid of their tumors, using Clark's methods, in just a
few weeks; only then to go back to their old way of living
without doing the program; go back to the same ole life
style and wonder why they got cancer again. Now in my wife's
case, with brain tumor, we have been faithful to essential
maintenance program now, since 1997, and she has been cancer

I have known people who say they are doing what Clark
suggests, but then I find out later that they are not. What
I find is an endless list of excuses for not doing the
program; for not following simple instructions.

But you know, when people do what Clark's suggests, it has
been my experience that the cancer will go away. Is that a
cure? If you don't take the cure, don't follow
instructions, then it's not a cure.

This is main problem with self-administered treatments---are
they folks really following the program? It is my experience
that some highly motivated people do; but most don't or
won't without close supervision.

Not tough luck, but tough love.

A Solbach


Message: 12
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 13:30:36 -0600
From: "Anthony J Solbach"
Subject: RE: Re: Dihydrogen Monoxide

My testimony concerning what we did for my wife's cancer
(astrocytoma-brain cancer) is in the list archives if you
wish to read it. We basically followed Dr. Clark's protocol,
using extract from the Green Husk of the Black-Walnut ,
Wormwood and Clove Oil in an ethanol tincture, zapping and
taking Flax Oil with cottage cheese and the free use of
Vitamin C and Grape seed extract (pycnogenols) as source of
powerful antioxidants; staying away from all likely sources
of iso-propanol (rubbing alcohols) and their analog solvents
and parasite infections and infestations. We did so because
after we did the conventional treatment (surgery and
radiation) the cancer returned and we had no alternatives at
the time. This was in 1996/97 and she is alive and cancer
free today (we have done MRI scans every 6 months since to
document the fact).

I am quite aware that my testimony is anecdotal and
statistically insignificant from a conventional medical
point of view---but it is not insignificant to us. And that
is all that matters to me. I can make no claim as whether
following Clark's protocol will help, but it certainly
cannot hurt. And I believe that is the first principle of
medicine---"First, do no harm."



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