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Liver flushing and such
Ayehasherayeh Views: 2,944
Published: 11 years ago
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Liver flushing and such

A Liver Flush may work the best in shocking the system which may cause the stones to release from liver.

Here is a thread from CZ several years back you can read through

Here is an external page I just found which even mentions the bile salts I am surprised you do not take them

Do you understand that Gallstones are first formulated in the liver? they then roll down to the gallbladder and effectively snow ball into big ones over time. You will have an easy time and will only require 3-5 flushes. I have done 36 flushes but one runs the risk of making the system very acidic with so many because of the Epsom Salt and depletion of alkaline minerals from the liver. You will notice benefits with as few as 3-5. probably 2-3 will be sufficient for now with a periodic one for maintenance when needed.

I am not an expert in the system but I realize that with your condition bile which filters and carries out toxins, parasites, heavy metals and such will drop straight into the intestines it seems and cause all manner of digetion issues, swelling, bloating IBS etc.. probiotics may provide help here.

It seems to me that the whole of the interior landscape can be thrown off so your liver needs to be clean in order to process non-irritating bile that will not cause inflammation, mucus and other irritaion to the intestines.

My experience is that I have seen Acne and skin conditions clear up. The Liver Flush is not tough at all. DO not listen to anyone who says such a thing. The Liver Flush is greatly about loving yourself and setting intentions for the liver which regulates physically parts of the mody and emotionally the senses in particular processing anger and bitterness/bile. You have to make the decison though as this will play a great effect in what you get out of it.

You also if not alread should become skilled in taking a full enema. I can also see/feel your stomach issues and feel that a baking soda enema 1-2 Tbsp in 1.5 - 2 qt enema will be very soothing for your insides when you become acidic, it will soothe inflammation and irritation.

You need cooked foods until you get everything else functioning you mentioned you puree fruits and eat without chewing. this only temporarily helps in alleviating irritation but takes away energy to digest as you are not liberating the enzymes by chewing. So fruits like apple and pear should be steamed or stewed. You will add to this warming spice such as ginger, cardamon, nutmeg or cinnamon this will help digestive fire and also transform the cold energy of fruit. Your veggies will be pureed in the same manner and warming spices like cayenne, and black pepper, ginger, turmeric, corainder, cumin. You will be balancing yyour vata dosha. If you eat nuts eat only soaked almonds peel them also if you have intestinal problems. Read what you can on balancing a vata/dosha from several sources so you understand that. Here is one but find some other sources online perhaps

For now you need bitter/just as somehow a part of you has been thriving on your bitter emotional repressions as I said, but shortly you will not require it once you begin to balance your dosha, and flush your liver the bitterness/emotional bile will be purged with the toxic acidic bile from the liver. Your body type will no longer need nitterness on any level and you will process it much better if needed. Do you see with your liver you are holding on to acidic toxic waste and bile/ on an emotional level you are doing the same. The pit of the stomach is a receptacle for this bitternes. You know I have seen a big black pit in your stomach, I took on many of your repressed emotions when I scanned you. You will improve on more levels than what you realize.

When I did my first liver flush I released emotions and tears that I did not know I had.


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