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My Story.....

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Published: 14 years ago
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My Story.....

I was adopted from birth. My birth mother was a promiscuous, drug using, smoker with psychological problems, and my biological father was “God only knows who”. So I may be behind the genetic 8 ball to begin with. My adoptive parents (my real parents) were wonderful and did the very best they knew how to do. Although my mother and grandmother were both smokers for most of my life. My mother finally quit after developing mature age asthma and almost dying, but that didn’t stop me from taking up the habit for 20 years myself.

When I was young my parents fed me fluoride tablets to protect my teeth. They were yummy little cherry flavoured things and I used to sneak extra ones whenever I could. I also used to sneak chocolate flavoured laxatives because I had a serious Sugar addition. When a craving hit I would do anything for sugar. There were many times when I would mix up icing Sugar and water just to get a fix, not only as a child but as an adult as well. I still struggle with sugar, it is like a drug to me.

I was never really healthy. I caught every cold that past my way. I wasn’t strong or good at sport. I never had much energy (probably from all the sugar). I can’t say I ever remember what it feels like to be healthy and full of energy. I had the type of father who believed heavily in Antibiotics . Any time I even got so much as a sniffle he would shove Antibiotics down my throat. Most of which were never prescribed for me anyway. I had a lot of head colds and sinus problems growing up (still do) and this meant that I swallowed an awful lot of Antibiotics .

From the age of around 11 or 12 I developed migraine headaches and have had them ever since. They have compromised my life so much that there have been many experiences and things that I have not been able to do because of migraine, or fear of getting a migraine. There have been times when they were so bad I would rather have died than live one more day in pain. Besides the migraines I had a constant headache and neck and shoulder pain. I don’t know if I even know what it is like to go a day without pain. I have never felt like a normal person, and it has always been my dream to just be like everyone else around me.

I suffered Depression (no big surprise there). The first time I was medicated I was about 19 years old. They medicated me so much that I started to hallucinate and so I took myself off meds cold turkey. I had been on and off the meds over the years. The last time I was medicated for Depression was around 4 years ago when my mother died from ALS.

I was diagnosed with Candida many years ago, but couldn’t stick with the diet long enough to have any impact on it. I had colitis and was put on prednisone for almost a year. That screwed me up pretty good. I have had (probably still do) chronic fatigue syndrome. I have very little energy. Any time I do anything, I have to have a rest afterwards. I don’t work outside the home, just because it is too hard for me.

When I met my husband (2nd) I was addicted to sleeping pills. I used to get SAD when I lived down south and it was not uncommon for me to sleep 18 hours a day. I don’t take sleeping pills anymore, but I still require a lot of sleep.

Basically I just don’t feel well. I have never felt well and I really REALLY want to. I yo-yo diet and when I am losing weight I used to abuse laxatives to reach my goals and do some really unhealthy things. It was because I was trying to lose weight before my last trip to the US when I accidentally stumbled upon VCO. I read that it can help you lose weight and so I got some. Then I started doing more research on it and it eventually lead me to OP and to CZ. OP is really the only thing that I have done so far that I could say for sure has benefited me. Although I know that all the other stuff (iodine, ACV, cleansing) is working, just not showing any results as yet (early days). But CZ has given me something that I haven’t had in a long time – hope. The belief that I can be a “normal” person living a normal life. Doing what everyone else does, without pain or needing to take a nap afterwards. Everyone thinks I am crazy with all the weird stuff that I am doing, but I believe in it. Doctors couldn’t help me. Years worth of medical bills, pharmaceuticals, chiropractors, physiotherapist, x-rays, cat scans, drugs, drugs, and more drugs. They were not the answer. If I am ever going to get healthy it has to be from the inside out. And I WILL get healthy.

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