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Here's one explanation...
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Published: 12 years ago
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Here's one explanation...

Here's a post explaining why and how Pat's method works. It was posted by parhat in late 2005. Just check out his other posts, he goes into a lot of detail on diffrents types as well. (Vortex etc.)

MadArt (ist)

BTW: I still use Pat's method - and its totally free!

"Yes, I too was extremely skeptical, but was able to prove that another energy source exists. There are two type of energy source and I can easily prove this to a skeptical group of people. The first energy source is the ordinary electricity you see, the ones where when you run electricity, the resistance of electricity generates heat.

The other source of electricity is what free energy researchers call cold electricity. Cold electricity can only occur in high voltage situations where Tesla refers this to as "radiant energy". Mr. Edwin Gray (patent holder of Gray Motor) in fact actually use cold electricity to power all his demonstration.

What Pat did in her energized water was she inadvertently found that the sparks created when you "short it out" you are creating another energy source called "cold electricity" which is stored in the water that has that healing effect. Now cold electricity is unique, in one of his demonstration he put a bright 100 watt light bulb that has been glowing for hours in a cold water. In normal electricity the light bulb would have explode. This is cold electricity. Radiant energy and cold electricity is the same. Tesla found this out whenever a switch is turned on in a high voltage, the sparks are so strong that it killed the engineers. Now this spark should not have happened since that is "excess energy" or what tesla discovered should not exist, he was dealing with another source and in a high voltage or "sparks" which occurs, another form of energy was discovered.

You can actually store super high voltage sparks onto battery to charge up the life force energy and then run it in cold electricity or charge the water, or your body with it. I haven't solved all the bugs out, but this is the life force energy which drives energized water thing.

It shows up quite readily in Kirlian photography if you bothered to look over with the energized water. If you have Kirlian photography, I encouraged you to experiment with them. It does effect plant growth. Of course a less elaborate set up is the styrofoam thing Pat recommended.

My garden is now using "zapped" water so I can eat sweeter tasting and larger fruits. I know I should have been engaged in more basic research, but I just don't have the time or resource.

These cold electricity is derived from "ether" and I can prove such existence. Way back in high school, I grew a bean seeds with water cotton swabs and closed completely the test tube. After a couple of days, the plant grew. I weighed the plant after closing test tube to prevent additional oxygen and water from entering. After the plant grew, I weighed it again, the weight gain was observed. The only thing that I can conclude from that high school experiment was that there is an existence of ether or aether entered that caused the weight gain. Of course you are free to try my experiment. I didn't know it was violating conservation of energy at that time so the results didn't surprised me until I took college level chemistry. I couldn't repeat that experiment today of course, you need a lot of equipment for that.

Ted "



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