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Anyone fluent in Russian?
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Published: 14 years ago

Anyone fluent in Russian?

I just came across this page, which is in Russian:

A little past the middle there's a picture of someone with what looks like exfoliative cheilitis. I selected the paragraphs after that and put them in the Babelfish Translator, which offered some help but not what the actual treatments they used are. What I gathered was they were able to help some people, but others simply couldn't stop their bad habits of licking and biting the lips, so treatment wouldn't work. But I'm curious as to what they actually did that worked. This is the what the translator gave me:

This state is very important for the successful conducting of the subsequent blockades. Lidokainovuyu blockade was carried out not only under the crack, but also into the lateral divisions of lip, directing anesthetic fan-shaped from the center to the angles of mouth. For the epithelization of cracks and elimination of fish-scales in the case of short anamnesis of disease (1-5 years), and also for the complete recovery, as a rule, it is sufficient to the course of the treatment of four visits and one blockade. With prolonged anamnesis of disease (10-20 years) to the course of treatment it is necessary on the average of 6 visits and 2 blockades. The start of blockade in the diagram of the treatment of the chronic recurrent diseases of lips is based on the described in the literature and revealed by us neurodystrophic disturbances in the cloths of lips with KHRTG and exfoliative you kheylite [ 9 ]. The blockade of lip can be successful in such a case, when it is possible to attain complete purification from the crusts and fish-scales of crack and entire red border. Houses to patients assigned the daily triple paint of lips after food by the thin layer of ointment "Lorinden- S" during 7-10 days. The application of steroid ointment "Lorinden- S" is caused by the need of eliminating the chronic inflammatory process in the red border and the stroma of lips, and also itch. Inward were assigned the multivitamins, which include vitamin A and entire group v.

However, of 55 patients in 32 it was impossible to attain the effectiveness of treatment, disease flowed persistently, remained the phenomena of dryness and exfoliation. Patients could not get rid of the harmful habits. To this group of patients was assigned treatment in psychoneurologist. Data of psychological inspection indicate that in all patients are noted the expressed asthenic disturbances, the increased irritability, tendency toward the disorders of an alarming number, the ease of the appearance of sub-depressive and depressions, hypochondriacal manifestations, sometimes they are manifested phobia - most frequently kantserofobiya. Practically in all patients established the disorders of sleep, either in the period of the aggravation of the diseases or which bear a constant nature; noted the expressed neurovegetative reactivity - tachycardia, the sweating, dermografizm.Uchityvaya the results of the psychological inspection sick KHRTG against the background 3x, in the diagram of general treatment we included the methods of psychopharmocology. With the neurotic and alarming- phobic disorders they were used by us: sedative means (bromides, preparations from the root valerians, grass of motherwort and pasiflory), tranquilizers. Most effective proved to be derived benzodiazepina: chlordiazepoxide (Elenium) on 10 mg x of 2 r. in a 24 hour period, Diazepam (Seduxen, Relanium) on 5 mg X of 2 r. during the day; to fenozepam 1 mg X of 2 r. during the day; ksanaks 0,25 mg x of 2-3 times in the day, kassadan 0,25 mg x of 2-3 times in the day. The duration of treatment depends on the manifestation of neurotic and alarming- phobic disorders, but not less than 1,5-2 months, with gradual reduction in the dose and subsequent cancellation of preparation.

1. neuroleptics, since their anxiolytic (antianxiety) effect occurs higher than in tranquilizers. The following preparations were used by us: Sonapax 10 mg X of 2-3 r. into the day, the tera-flax 5 mg X of 2-3 r. into day (these preparations render also vegetotropnoye action), sulpiride (eglonil) on Ѕ Vol. X of 2-3 r. during the day.

2. antidepressants (AD) - the means of different pharmacological groups, which are characterized by the ability to dilute Depression and to improve mood (timoleptiki, thymoanaleptics).

Since the preparations of this group render additionally either sedative or stimulating action, it is expedient to assign them taking into account pharmacotherapeutic effect. Treatment with antidepressants begins from the small doses, which increase before obtaining of therapeutic effect. Subsequently the small supporting doses are assigned.

The following preparations were used by us: aminotriptillin (tricyclic AD with the expressed sedative activity) on ј the tablets X of 2 r. during the day; fluoksetin (selective inhibitor of the reverse seizure of serotonin) 1 capsule in the morning, lerivon 30 mg on Ѕ T. of 2 r. during the day. The application of the same therapeutic means was substantially more effectively against the background of psychotherapeutic and pharmacological action.

The objective evaluation of the results of the conducted therapy in this subgroup of patients was conducted after the completion of the course of treatment through 10 and 30 days, 1 yr and 5 years Pri conducting the dynamic inspection of this group of patients in 5 years of the relapses of cracks noted not in one case.

In 7 patients through 2 and 3 years appeared the insignificant dryness of the red border of lips, in 2- X of patients - small quantity of thin fish-scales on the lower lip. All these patients continued to smoke, could not get rid of the harmful habits (licking, biting lips) and did not use in the cold time years hygienic protectors in a gub.Takim manner, obtained data prove the role of psychoemotional stress in the development of the chronic recurrent diseases of lips and are base for the complex treatment of these patients with the aid of the local actions against the background of the correction of psychoemotional status.

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