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need direction from knowledgeable people please
gibsgoinpro Views: 1,456
Published: 16 years ago

need direction from knowledgeable people please

im looking to get advice and formulate a plan for myself and i know i need advice from people who have been through it, are knowledgeable, and hopefully have had success. ill try to briefly tell a little about myself.

symptoms i have had my whole life and i am 22 years old: OCD, severe anxiety, Depression as i got in middle school and has only gotten worse, severe brain fog, chronic fatigue, dry skin, some acne, can't deal with stress, and others. ive always been really skinny and underweight. right now, i am 6'3 and weigh 145 lbs. i am CERTAIN that is not healthy for me at all. i just got a hair test done and i am deficient in all my electrolytes and other vital minerals. i am copper toxic and zinc deficient.

what i know i have: adrenals have been burned out since i was a kid due to poor nutritional status passed on from birth and bad stress from family and really poor diet. thyroid is underactive. candida possibly from birth. of course the biochemical imbalances from vitamin, mineral, and amino acid deficiencies.

these are some things that have gotten worse in the past few months: worse rectal and jock itch, gargling in stomach all the time, cramping stomach, feels like my stomach is twisting and tightening sometimes, my anxiety is really really bad as it has always been, gas and bloating, a couple times it felt like my stomach had a weird burning that is kinda hard to explain, blurred vision, really scatter brained and can't make choices cuz no choice seems like the right one. mainly, the last symptom is why i need help. almost like i need someone to help me formulate a plan cuz my mind won't let me have peace about anything.

since this is a parasite forum i would like to point out that when i was like 3 i passed a whole toilet full of white worms. kinda looked like spaghetti and i think i had ringworm at one point too when i was really little. also, i just got a new dog and have been around dogs my whole life. ive eatin horribly consisting of sugars, processed carbs, meat, and junk which i all plan to radically change. i know that is a major step.

i just know that i am definitely suffering from malabsorption and digestive problems and i dont know whats first, the chicken or the egg regarding all the things going on with my body like adrenals, candida, nutrient imbalances. like do i do a parasite cleanse first or a candida cleanse? what products do i use? how strict does my diet need to be? do i need to keep my dog away from me so i dont maybe get more parasites if i have them? i'm just really really overwhelmed and so stressed i dont even know where to start. what i believe i need to do is first of all get my digestion working right. i kinda obsess about things like, "well.... what if my severe nutrient deficiencies wont allow me to make progress with digestion or what if my digestion wont allow me to correct nutrient deficiencies."

basically, everything in my mind is anxiety, indecisiveness, circling, and analyzing. all the while suffering from things in my body that needs to be corrected. i really need someone to HELP ME. please please someone help me get started and formulate a plan. maybe someone could direct me to someone that could help.


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