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Re: Lyme: Success with Beck Protocol And More

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Lyme: Success with Beck Protocol And More

Hi Kelly,

I've been meaning to write a post about this for awhile, actually.  Currently I am not on antibiotics and I am doing the Beck protocol, which is a 4 part thing and involves blood electrification, magnetic pulsing, colloidal silver and ozonated water.  I've had tremendous success with it so far, although since I've had Lyme so long, it is going slowwwwwwly but it is going nonetheless.

I started out wanting to attack the Lyme with everything I had, especially with all my CZ knowledge.  Previous to my symptoms becoming bad, I had done a ton of cleansing, with some success in feeling better but some of the cleansing I did started actually making me sicker!  Boo!  But my body was in complete exhaustion and in retrospect I believe it could not handle the stress of such harsh cleanses (e.g. liver flushing), so I backed off.

Then I thought that I would throw every herb I could think of at the problem.  If you scroll down, somwhere in this forum is a ridiculously exhaustively researched list of stuff I was taking.  Again, this seemed to have a detrimental effect on me.  No matter how good, well researched, or pure the herb/supp I was taking, my body saw it as an antagonist and would rebel against it. For me, herbs = less is more.

It was a tough lesson to learn to back off from cleansing/detox and supplements and it took me awhile to figure out this was backfiring in a big way because it seemed counterintuitive. 

I also learned that different things worked for me at different times.  Like now that my bacterial load is down and I have some strength back, I did a liver cleanse and it actually helped this time.  And there are a few, very few suplpements that are now helping and not hurting.  But this can change day to day.  I had to get really good at self kinesiology and learn how to test something to see if I needed it that day.  That has helped me so much.  I woudl say it's invaluable.

I am really encouraged by the Beck protocol.  I feel better than I did on antibiotics and also don't have any of the nasty side efects from abx.  But again, I had to go very slowly with this and still do.  I tried to push it with this, for example with the magnetic pulser which works on lymph and tissue, and I puffed up like the Michelin man because it was too much, too soon.

High protein has really helped me a lot.  I try to get some raw egg yollks in me every day, they are such good absorbable nutrition (that's another thing, being so sick the bioavailability of anything I took was nearly zero).  Protein is good!  I really enjoyed reading the Ressurection course by Sam Biser and protein is one of the extremely helpful bits I got out of it.

The colloidal silver seems to really help killing the candida, which is such a problem with Lyme and was completely systemic in me and didn't go away despite an anti candida diet and caprylic acid, and other candida killing supps (again, exhaustively researched lol).

Another bonus to the colloidal silver that I recently discovered is that in killing the candida, it releases the heavy metals in your body that the candida was binding to.  I felt like I was sucking on a 9 volt battery for a week from the heav metal detox so I took some bentonite/charcoal for awhile to absorb it up and get it out.  But it was great that it was releasing naturally, and heavy metals are a huge aspect of Lyme.

I never thought I had food allergies until a woman who is a refelxologist finally figured out that peanuts are a huge culprit for me and many many people with inflammation.  She told me to steer clear of peanuts, citrus (yeah, I know!  erggh, although I still did the liver flush just fine) and anything from the nightshade family including tomatoes, potatoes, adn squash.  This has helped.

Just recently I felt very strongly that detoxified iodine would be a huge huge help.  I know my thyroid is messed up, despite testing normal, as it is with most lymies.  My temp is usually 96 degrees.  Since doing the iodine it has gone up to 98.8, a miracle and I know it is helping not only with body temp but antiseptically also cleaning my blood.  Amazing stuff, iodine and the iodine forum here on CZ is a treasure trove of excellent info.

Also just basic sea salt and water has been an amazing help.  It helps with water absorbtion and edema and blood volume and has helped me.  Also baking soda, baths and sometimes taken internally (but only sometimes) have really helped.  The harsher baths, e.g. epsom and peroxide, seem to be too harsh for me.  What works is gentle stuff, for me, for right now.

So that's basically where I am right now and what is really helping me.  I had been using the blood electrification unit for many months and it had helped me so much with energy, but since lyme gets in the tissues, I realized that if I wanted to get it all I needed the magnetic pulser, and since I think Dr. Beck is the bees knees, I decided to go full bore into doing all of the protocol.

Last month was the first month I did the whole protocol.  I felt better than ever and I immediately lost 6 pounds, which is a good sign for reduction of inflammation.  When I first got sick I gained 60 pounds in about 4 months, mostly inflammation, so losing weight is a good sign that things are calming down and healing is happening.

For exercise I am now able to do a fair amount of walking, which feels wonderful.  The best results as far as recovery from lyme though, for me came with doing Yoga.

I hope to post continuing good results here in the next months.  I feel like I have tried everything, and so much of what I'm doing has been trial and error, mostly error, where I do something and end up in bed for a week in agony!  LOL

Being this sick, it was so tempting for me to just try to attack the Lyme with everything I had, to run myself into the ground, herxing my brains out, just trying to kill it.  But it was killing me!  Now I am a bit wiser and caution and gentleness seem to be paying off in a big way.

Thanks again for asking and prompting me to finally write this down!

Be well,




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