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Re: cora

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Heart Worms?
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Natural Cancer Remedies
Cancer-proof your body with little known immune boosters!

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: cora

Hey Ray!

Wow - had no idea you were in SoFla! The thing is - you're in luck! There are actually doctors here who do acknoledge parasite infection. Over the summer there was a program taking place at UM on the exact subject - but at the time I """"scattered"""" my way up to Maine.

I'll see if I can dig up my notes on doc's on the East coast. Where are you?

I will add, however, that one of my primary reasons for leaving Miami (for now) and headed over to the Naples area was because I found what I thought was the best doctor in Tampa. Naples puts me right between my biz and my recovery.

Jumping back quickly - my mad scientist (referred to by MD) found fluke and three nems (hook, thread, toxi). One unidentified.

The Praziquantal was for the fluke - he thought it was the most threatening. For me, it seems the least "apparent", but I'm in the position to trust him and do. They were concerned about dosing Praz to me until some of the nems were worked on, so we started with Albendazole.

Before I go further, both docs would have preferred to get me on a natural program, but they didn't think I could handle it. That would have involved VIbac, (something else), then Catechu. Flushes, the Adam and Eve Diet, and Ionic silver. The also BOTH consider hitting with frequency (preferring the Rife, but I just talked to doc 2 about Newport's F165 from Atelier Robbins. (I think he gets it tomorrow...can't wait to hear about this!!) Doc 2 wants me to find out more than was on the site, but WILL help me learn to operate whatever I buy so long as it has enough power (10 min - 40 optimal).

Now, on the drugs. Here's where we are to date:

First - I did two rounds of Albendazole (3 200mg/day for two days, wait to weeks, repeat) (Pharmacy had it wrong at first and administered 2 per day...but that's another story)

So then we're into the game by a little over two weeks. Doc 1 (MD) had a compounding facility in Plant City (the middle of nowhere on top of an anthill) send me the Praziquantal - a one day dose of 6 pills at 600mg - wait two weeks, repeat. That particular pharmacist told me I might want to cut it to ten days in between, so I did. Just prior to learning I had Praz on the way, MD had sent out another dose of Albendazole, this time for ten days, wait two weeks repeat.

So at that point I was sorta taking both, but held off on the Alb for a couple days surrounding the Praz dosing. HOWEVER - it was recently mentioned here, either apxr or some anon.#, that one should take both but lower the dose of Praz.

Somewhere along the way I had to get back to doc 2 (all my "visits" with MD were now taking place on phone) to have him look at my blood to see if the masacre was taking place - and yes it was. We saw tons of dead an dying worms in my blood. But we also saw new eggs. So were still on the meds. (this was the point in time he had me try the Catechu, because he wanted to move over to it - says it nails flukes dead. Last night he actually told me that it will kill all worms - who knows what to believe.)

Today he's shipping out a bottle of the Catechu - but the whole progam (4 bottles) costs 1,200US. Not cheap, but I've paid more for things that didn't work because they don't kill parasites, just fungus (like Sporanox - which did actually do some work on Candida - but I can tell it's coming back a bit, never totally left me) I also take Nystatin when I remember - I have a Sugar free liquid and the tabs.

The one thing I strongly reccommend is to STAY AWAY from what was once called the Cleveland Clinic in Weston (now Doctor's something or other..) This is not a place to go for treatment - just a place to go broke. (It was SO bad, SO insulting, I had to get the abundsman involved. They stopped sending me bills once I showed them PROOF of positive Candida testing from another lamo MD in Maine.)

I'd love to see how I can help you, but I stopped looking on the East coast. I couldn't handle Miami (mostly driving/traffic) any longer. Period. (I ran into the side of a BUS on the 836/826 exchange during one of my "seizure like" moments, going about 70mph - that was enough for me - not even a fender bender until then. Thankfully we were travelling close to the same speed and in the same direction, or I'd be vulture food.)

Okay, I'm getting dramatic - but the SoFla is made for drama. In fact, I think it's fictional in nature.

NOW - there is a rather notorious ND near Ft L - I'll need to go back to my other database for his info. He has a radio program there also.

Would you be interested in traveling to the Tampa area? If you're cose to Palm Beach, you can actually drive across under Lake O, much shorter a distance than taking I-75. If you're closer to Ft. L, 75 is best, and it's a 4-5 hour drive. A while back I had dated someone in Sarasota, and I flew over - the tickets out of Ft L were super cheap.

The personality profile of the two docs I see is interesting. My MD is a female, mid-late 30's I'm guessing (my age). She reminds me of an attorney or banker. Very to the point, no BS. And very, very smart. parasites are not actually a focus, but she knows a thing or two enough to determine I needed to be seen by Mad Scientist.

Mad Scientist, doc 2, is fun. We can talk for hours (like last night - a Sunday) It's pretty much no holes barred with him. He's paranoid, so is she - but she has more on the line than he does and he's a bit of a rebel anyway. But mad scientist has been at this for 30 years - he's close to 60.

Obviously I can't shout out their info on CZ. If you'd like me to give you some phone numbers and names, send and email to me. I'll switch settings on this post.

Talk to me. What's your story? What kind of treatment have you found to date and how long have you been thinking parasites. What evidence or symptoms indicate 'sites?

In all honesty, I think that other means are probably as effective if not more effective than the drugs. The cool thing is if you can tolerate the naturals compounded by mad scientist, you won't need pharms. They kick your butt (the Praz. in particular really nails ya').

The one thing I refused to do was continue guessing by playing tiddly wink with US labs and ignorant MD's/ND's/DO's. This is why I decided I needed a doctor who worked DIRECTLY with a scientist, was involved in research as much as treatment, one who would take a really close look at my FRESH blood.


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