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Re: Ayehasherayeh, should we 'ask'?
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Ayehasherayeh, should we 'ask'?

I feel there are myriad ways to temporarily suppress symptoms, cause symptoms to transform into other symptoms, or by a combination of the aforementioned to cause symptoms to temporarily cease until the mind brings the symptom out in another form.

I feel that a lot of people feel supression or temporary transformation is a success and when the symptoms come back in form, the mind rationalizes excuses ie: Detox symptoms, I am not consistent with something or other, I need to do this I need to do that, I want this, I want that. This is the way of the mind. The mind looks to continually make excuses and put off for tomorrow what is done today. The mind favors it's own survival over that of the body knowing that the body will follow the way of mind.

The body even follows the mind into death thinking it's painful existence will cease having little knowledge that the spirit will again come back and do it again and again until done right. The mind is a child in that manner and really truly feels it is the center of the universe. Life passes by quickly and the mind fools us into thinking we always have more time. We never do know what tomorrow will bring. The mind says there is always tomorrow. Tomorrow I will do better, tomorrow I will begin, tomorrow I will dedicate myself on and on.

As far as glimpses of healing that may come before relapse, they are motivating, but WHAT WILL WE DO WITH IT? if we let the mind go off in tangents as it does, we will be seeking healing for all the years of our life, never realizing that healing is not in the future it is NOW. A whole life lived in illusion is not usually recognized until the veil is lifted at death. The dying person will have moments of clarity where they are showed the TRUTH they will smile or laugh just as a person does when they become enlightened. They will have to be born again however unless they are able to make it through the narrow opening that is only present for a short time at death.

I was speaking with someone who' presence has great ability to bring out equal presence within a person. He asked me what I was doing with all my experiences and glimpses and why I sit on a fence between both worlds as if wondering whether I should continue to dedicate myself to the world of matter as if it is actually a consideration. I already know I can Heal myself NOW, I know I can experience realization NOW, what is the use of all the experiences if I continually revert back to the mind and bind myself with my admittedly creative and unique yet equally gross sensory aspects? There is no enlightenment only of the mind, those folks who are fooled by the mind that is enlightened a bit are deluded by an intricate game of the mind. Similarly there is no such thing as healing only of the body. Healing will take place on all levels at it will take place NOW.

This is how I usually picture the journey to healing. Starting with the primary causation which is your state of (BE-ING/N0_Thinking/Simply Acting) this is how we should BE or stive to BE. I asked someone the other day if you have a hot coal in your hand do you need THINK???? to know what to do with the coal???? what to do to heal, to become enlightened. DROP WHAT YOU NO LONGER NEED!!! DO NOT SEEK TO ADD ANYTHING. DO NOT SEEK THOUGHTS< OR BOOKS OR TEACHINGS OR TEACHERS OR ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF. not even a pie in the sky god. This is what I meant by my post previously on taking away dross or stony matter that weighs us down. Simply drop what no longer serves you and BE FREE.

What we do is we erase our state of BE-ING/No_Thinking/Simply Acting by THINKING this causes a whole series of WRONG SPEECH< WRONG ACTION, CONSEQUENCES and REPERCUSSIONS as Eddie murphy said.

To supress symptoms and cause temporary illusion of healing, the mind goes as far down the chain of causation and causative factors as possible to preserve itself. It will cause us to change some of our actions such as diet or other detrimental actions. This is good and helpful to an extent but only that in once we conquer one factor we are supposed to climg up the ladder and get closer to source. Some of us get to the point where we can even change our way of thinking. This is about as close as you can get you know where we can see the top branches or peer out of the box or hole that we are in and contemplate what expansive freedom really looks like and we just need wait and endure until the door opens fully and we step out into a new perspective. For some that door is open as they have ventured back and forth knowing the path.

To BE effective in healing we must go to source. We must climb the rungs of ACTIONS, CONSEQUENCES and REPERCUSSION< WRONG SPEECH and ACTIONS and get to the core of BE-ING. We must stop thinking and simply drop the hot coal. Simply BE healed, simply BE enlightened.

The examples you give I feel are actually higher than what most people do to enact the 'illusion of healing' saying I love you to an organ, to food prepared, to others in a sincere manner and being grateful is key even when faced with difficulties.

But all this does very little if one has not through practice controlled the mind and the automatically programmed negations to any conscious thoughts we may attempt to program. The law taught us not to kill or covet a neighbors wife. Only the lowest of the low kill or covet a neighbors wife today. Yet Jesus raised the bar and said to THINK of such is the same as committing it. Wheat he was talking about is not religius dogma. He was saying that we are still low form gross matter beings when we are controlled by the mind. We are still a society of stone headed and stone hearted idiots like the ones from the Bible who had to be given laws to prevent them from being animalistic as the mind dictated. We are the same as the minds who raped ravaged pillaged sought revenge and suggested to spread dung on faces we only use the mind to supress and not cause others to know what we think not even our own self at times. This is delusion.

The unconscious thoughts that run like tickertape at right at or even slightly below conscious threshold of perception are amazing. Those folks you may see on the street that people call "Mentally ill" you know the ones who say things like "Why are you looking at me is it because I am dirty? stop looking at me! sometimes they curse or say other obsceneties.... well we think the same things! we only have a mechanism that supresses these things from coming out or even rising to where we are aware of them. We will always self-defeat unless we practice steadily in our life starting NOW. RIGHT THOUGHTS- RIGHT ACTIONS-RIGHT WORDS-RESTRAINT-CONTROL and constantly work up the chain or ladder to get to that door. We are deluded if we think we can get by with our mind.

I like your wording of surgery within because that is where it starts, but even deeper than physiology. The body/mind as we call it is like a robot. whatever the mind is programmed with the body accepts and follows like an automatron. We can try to program the mind with better more positive stuff but we should not stop there this is tantamount to true progression of spirit. We must seek release from this whole mind thing and escape the continual cycle which include the illusion that we are the mind.

Asking for what you need simply and succinctly is the best even for those who think they have great control over the mind. Being quiet and mediatative helps with frequency because the mind can be stilled or slowed down and less interference is possible but then a bunch of techniques are necessary such as ones needed to negate the stream of negative self defeating thoughts that come or the lack of faith or the influence of others thoughts on and on. It is so better to have faith and to accept athe gift of GRACE as it is laid out for us and take No_thought. No manipulations and contortions are needed, the mind hates this, it loves to see us jump through the hoop of life and creates lifetimes for us to do so as many as we need into the millions I suppose. Those who live by grace are completely free of worry, anxiety and mind. They are very hard to recognize because of frequency distribution and differences.

Ask and you shall receive,
but also knock and the door shall be opened.


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