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Cayce's atomidine reading #358-1
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Published: 14 years ago
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Cayce's atomidine reading #358-1

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Researching Atomidine

Reading T0358-001 M [Pg1]

TEXT OF READING 358-1 M 64 (Scientist, Chemist, Consulting Engineer, Hindu)

This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his office, 105th St. & Ocean, Virginia Beach, Va., this 10th day of September, 1931, in accordance with request made by Mr. [1734] and Dr. [358].


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno.Dr. [358].


Time of Reading 11:30 A. M. Eastern Standard Time.

1. GC: You will have before you the body and the enquiring mind of Dr. [358], present in this room. You will answer the questions which he will ask regarding the preparation and distribution of Atomidine.

2. EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, Dr. [358], present in this room; also that as has been given as respecting Atomidine, its value, its efficiency in combating - as well as correcting - the various conditions in the human body as the physical body is heir to.

3. As has been given, in the manufacture of the properties, or the product as known as Atomidine, if there would be passed through the properties - before the addition of that which nullifies the poisonous effect, and the incompatible conditions as arise oft from the use of Atomidine in the human system - that of a current of electrical vibration as would be found in that of thirty amperes, sixty cycles of current electrical vibration, there would be added an activity that will make for a better product, in that with the atomic force so acted UPON, the various atomic conditions in the human body as related to disorders in any of the tissue - from which the various organs, or the activities [function] between elimination and assimilation - will be AIDED, and [there will be] more of a uniform activity as to the effects as will be produced in each case. While, in the present condition, in the present product, there is about an eighty-two percent [82%] in some conditions and a sixty-eight percent [68%] in other conditions - as related to glands' disorder, or as related to the effects of the assimilation and the elimination disorders, where plethora or inflammation ensues in a portion of the system, in various parts of the system - we find that with this alteration it would be NEARER that of ninety-eight percent [98%] in both CHARACTERS of disorders or disturbance. Hence a more SUSCEPTIBLE condition may be determined by this alteration.

4. In the distribution, we will find these [areas] may be changed better by [the product] being carried direct to the consumer, with the results as have been and are BEING had in the various clinics, in the various individual instances. Then the whole product becomes more UNIVERSALLY used, and one that may be used either UNDER the direction of the medical or scientific-trained mind or the TRAINED minds by those distributors of such product (the public), as to what it, the public, may expect FROM the product itself in its use. Not ever as a cure-ALL, but very few of the human ills that affect the system [would not respond], where there has been and IS the great tendency of the public to become OVER oxidized in potash. For, with the use of this product [Atomidine], a more equal BALANCE is to be gained and maintained in the system - but USED properly! Ready for questions.

5. (Q) Is this the proper time to interest other connections to take over the marketing and promotion of Atomidine to the general public?
(A) There has already been some advance made in this direction; and while there are those conditions for and against the changes, under the present financial stresses, as we find, this is a period, a time, when these negotiations and these activities would be well to be begun, and EVENTUALLY - in the near future, or by the Spring - MADE a fact!

6. (Q) On what basis can they [other connections] best be interested?
(A) To be sure, there are many varied conditions that present themselves under such an agreement, or such a change. Most will be found, that there is the desired control OF such a change; yet these, as we find, would NOT be the best - that the entire control be released from those already holding those interests, or the LARGER interests, in Atomidine. Then, the formation with other groups that have already an outlet, a way of approach and of distribution, would be the better channel, and on the best basis as may be obtained through such channels.

7. (Q) How can we get in touch with these connections that will undertake this promotion?
(A) As has been given, there has already some approach been made in this direction. These [channels] we would follow out, and we will find these will bring the desired results.

8. (Q) How soon should we start?
(A) As given, we would start immediately. By Spring we should see the consummation of same.

9. (Q) Is the product sufficiently perfected to go to the public, or should it be modified or improved?
(A) With this modification as has been given, we would have a sufficiently perfected product to carry to the public.

10. (Q) Is Bisey [Dr. Sunker A. Bisey, D.Sc.;F.S.Sc. (London, England)] the proper party to undertake this modification or improvement?
(A) By ALL means. For, as the product is from the efforts of this body, and its directors, advisors, so will it - WITH this change or modification - be given to the body (Bisey) that proper action, activity, association, FOR the

11. (Q) If we continue manufacture and sale as we are now doing for the present, what can be done to effectively increase sales?
(A) The more and more that the product is carried to the public, more and more will be the sales. There are the tendencies (as is known) so oft (and a sad condition!), by those of the various pharmaceutical and therapeutical conditions and houses, to make agreements with professions in their various activities that even PREVENT those products of a much BETTER value to the public from receiving proper consideration. Hence the necessity oft that (as in this) the values of same, the benefits of same, be carried to the public direct.

12. (Q) Should the party undertaking improvement of the product use the established method of electrolization in doing so?
(A) As has been indicated, here, the proper method would be for those properties - before the addition of those things that nullify this unstable activity of the drug itself - to pass the electrification through the product in the manner as has been outlined. This is not WHOLLY in line WITH the manner of ordinary or acceptable way, by some, of electrification. This is the PROPER method of producing the proper ratio in the atomic effect UPON the product FOR the tissue of a human organism.

13. (Q) Should the product be treated with a gas, as contemplated by Bisey?
(A) The treating of the gas will be as experimentation. The gas that would be formed, or that would be effective FROM the treatment with the gas, as contemplated, will break cells, to be sure; but the electrification - after gas treatment - would be well; but, as we find, the electrification will set that property RIGHT in the product.

14. (Q) What voltage and amperes are necessary? Under what temperature?
(A) This has been given.

15. (Q) What are the reasons for the lack of interest in our product on the part of some of the corporations we have had dealings with for the promotion of Atomidine?
(A) As has been indicated, too easily are so many of those, through whom these are given, or acted upon, influenced by those interests that have SIMILAR products. This, in this particular condition, is the lack of the interest through the amount of their holdings, or hold UPON those holding the greater interest IN the product's production itself.

16. (Q) Can these objections be overcome by any further enlightenment as to the product itself, or by a modification of the product?
(A) This is not so much the product itself as the outside INFLUENCES, as has been given, and the attempt of so many of the pharmaceutical houses to gain an INKLING OF the product itself. Oft, as is seen, strangulation of interests is one of the modes of some such concerns to BELITTLE the product. Hence it is well that, with this modification, it be carried to the public.

17. (Q) Should Atomidine be used for general purposes, as at present set up, or should it be used for specific diseases - as dental, internal, female hygiene, or external purposes?
(A) As has been indicated, this may be used for the dental, the hygiene, and the internal - WHEREVER there is an indication of an unbalancing of either the gland or the assimilating and eliminating system activity - see?

18. (Q) Where would be the greater success, in the United States or tropical countries?
(A) In the United States; THEN to the tropical countries.

19. (Q) Should Atomidine be used for infantile paralysis?
(A) It may be used with wonderful effects, taken in its proper time. For, as we find, the first symptoms of infantile paralysis would - in at least seven cases of ten - respond to the treatment with Atomidine. Why the variation, some would ask? Whether there has been, or is, existent in the system the deeper effects upon the system FROM the CARRY-over conditions, as from any of the unspeakable disorders that are carried in the blood - see?

20. (Q) Am I likely to take a trip to India next year? If so, what will be the outcome of it in regard to Atomidine?
(A) As we see, in or FROM the PRESENT conditions existent, very LIKELY that the body will make a trip to India, and that the effect it would have upon the distribution would be to BROADEN the outlet of same to a GREAT extent.

21. (Q) Would the body be able to retire from his material work in two or three years, so as to devote his time to spiritual development?
(A) There should be, with the proper handling of the product, (and not only this, but others that the body is interested in) sufficient of this world's goods to insure the safety of the financial position of the body, as well as of those dependent upon him; ALLOWING the body to devote more of its time to ENLIGHTENMENT to others of that as has been gained in the SPIRITUAL fields of the entity; PHILOSOPHIZING as to phases of life, spirit, and its associations in the material plane. For, to the body-entity IS given an understanding of the variations in spirit, SPIRITUALITY and its influence upon human experience. In the preparation of WRITTEN data, as has been gathered, is being gathered by the entity, there will be offered a channel of expression that, followed up, will make for much contentment and satisfaction to the entity as of THIS life being well spent.

22. We are through for the present.


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