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Re: Ionic detoxification foot bath scam explained by a manufacturer
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Ionic detoxification foot bath scam explained by a manufacturer

Hi everyone,

Sorry it took so long I got side tracked and forgot all about it.

I mentioned I would be running some tests on myself.

here's what I found.

before and after blood pressure revealed little or no change.
before and after blood Sugar revealed little or no change.
litmus paper reveal no great change either

I found that cold water always got the same results orange water/orange scum
hot water seemed to work much better (by opening the pores perhaps).

took my samples to the lab.

Report finds that the footbath water without feet contained more metal than the foot bath with feet.

Also we did an ester test to pull out and isolate fat/oils none were found.

although the lab could clearly see there was a difference between the 2 samples
it could not be determined what the difference was, without out knowing exactly what to look for.

I never did get around to testing the hair samples because at that point the proof was in the pudding, we were already recieving reports of wellness.

Personal findings:

First session didn't feel anything during the session (some people fell spiders running across their toes, others feel a pulling sensation from the ankle) people who feel these sensations typically have strong results and the pulling sensation travels to the knee and hip etc. as session progress.

I had to go to the bathroon twice during the first night. (I never go throughout the night)

The next morning I felt incredible, as if a blanket were lifted from my head, clear sharp memory, clean fresh felling of peace, and the chip on my shoulder was alot smaller.

didn't notice anything else.

but 2 months later it was pointed out to me that my restless legs had gone away.
shortly after that I notice the liver spots on the back of my hands were gone completely.

I have a friend who would itch after every meal due to allergies after 3 sessions the allergies subsided now 8 sessions in she comes once every five weeks for a session, when her symtoms return. She is no longer taking her Daily medication for this.

My father suffers from diabetes and complains of pins and needles in his feet every morning the numbness started at the ball of his foot and went right up through the toes, after the first session numbness receded to just his toes. now 10 sessions in his last on 3 weeks ago he say the numbness is nowhere near how it used to be.

As for tourettes we have seen no long term effects as yet but he does claim to feel calmer the next day.

just started working with an autistic boy (14) last week and will let you know the results when they come in.

The fact that some of these things I hadn't noticed but were pointed out to me leads me to believe that this is much more than the placebo effect.

Everyone is after the answer.

the real answer: VERY WELL!

truth is, I don't know how an aspirin works either but I take it and my headache goes away.


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