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Re: !!BEWARE!! Crystal Clear Energized Water machine and John E. !! Beware of this machine!!
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: !!BEWARE!! Crystal Clear Energized Water machine and John E. !! Beware of this machine!!

Okay Redmn9,
I can buy your theory, as I am a scientist surrounded by hundreds of millions in equipment that measure things. As a scientist, I do believe in numbers and the ability to prove any given theory or a statement made by a person selling something. I see this every day. What would you propose I should have measured this contraption with? I will tell you! I took the word of a MAN (or a so called man that can't stand behind his product).
Now, if your talking about my tone in these emails, then I encourage you to keep reading to figure out why I might have a tone at all and by the way, what started this to begin with. I will refer you back to the last sentence in the paragraph above.
Science is about what you can, are trying to prove or a theory that has yet to be proven. You seem to be siding with something cosmic, spiritual, alien or something un-provable. In the mean time, you hint that I somehow take the low road because I refuse to take John E. and his machine on blind faith?? If that is what you mean by; your words-- Every day western Science says: "Hey look at THAT, now we have a new instrument that can measure THAT, so now 'we' deem it to be real, measurable and testable."
I am absolutely fine with continuing to look in every direction for the new and undiscovered. In fact, I do this everyday. So, I don't think you need to lecture me about looking into new science. Your life has without a doubt been saved by work I had a hand in as with almost everyone reading this. So thank me some other time.
I also have a passion to debunk those things that will NEVER be proven because it is only made for taking money from one person and transferring it to another. Taking your theory, who's to say this machine isn't causing some serious problems (besides taking your money), or are you so much of an optimist that your blinders only allow you to see what John E. tells you to look at.
You seem like a smart man. There is no magic in this machine and if there were, it is so crude, everyone would have a similar version and John E. would be just a pitiful man and not a rich pitiful man. It appears not one other large company will take the risk to produce, market and make claims such as John has. WHY?? Did you ask yourself that?? The USA and China are filled with plenty of people that will exploit anything for a buck, but for some reason not this. Heck, if they did and let those who were unhappy send the crappy thing back, they'd make even more money then John does. I know I have caused him some heartburn and many lost sales. How smart is John E. again?? Why would you buy something from someone to dumb to even realize this very simple activity every other successful businessperson deals with everyday. You win some you lose some. If you bought a loved one a sweater for Christmas based on the recommendation of the sales person, had it wrapped (out of your sight) and brought it home for the tree. Then on Christmas morning it was unwrapped and its three sizes to big and not the color you wanted, would you expect you would have the ability to return it to the store? Of coarse you would, and its not science. Neither is Johns machine at this point in time and as pointed out many times his theory doesn’t hold water. Sorry for that one, but its true.
Sorry people, there is no fountain of youth and the effects you feel are most likely attributed to chance or placebo. The money you paid, now that was real!


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