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need advice on RAW
moondance722 Views: 2,082
Published: 15 years ago

need advice on RAW

Ok, so, Ive been in and out of this forum over the past few months trying to find ways to switch my dogs to raw. Here's my dilema:

A little about them~~~~~

"Maggie" (smallish) female Corgi 2 yrs old~ terrible allergies and I'm not sure from what, skin sore and scratching till fur is gone. On K9 advantix wich is helping fleas and ticks. Needs to be on raw.

"Max" male Akita/German Shepard mix around 14 yrs old~ Fat pockets oll over from over feeding as a result of me following the feeding directions on the dry food bag (go figure). On K9 Advantix which is helping fleas and ticks. Needs to be on raw.

"Kayla" female Lab/Chow mix around 8 yrs old~ High anxiety, allergies, and very bad dandruff. On k9 Advantix which is helping with fleas and ticks. Needs to be on raw.

"Rusty" Boxer male around 14 or 15 yrs old~ He really only has one good tooth left, also, Arthitis getting very bad, vet says he would be a candidate for knee replacement if he were human...nice, right? Vets.......

"Baby and Harper" 2 cats, which I want to also switch, but I'm gonna work on the dogs first, so let's stick with that.

I recently took them all to the vet out of concern for the fat pockets on Max and the bad legs on Rusty as I was worried about Cancer for Rusty due to the fact that I was there to raise his mother and give out all the pups and just recently found out that Rusty is the only one left of the entire family that were all lost to cancer with the exception of a sister that just had some Cancer removed and I don't know how's she's doing as I have lost touch with the owners. The vet said that he just has Arthritis and there would be no way to tell if he had cancer...which I don't understand and have decided to not do vets anynore anyways. I will treat him as if there is a possibility and do what I can naturally for him on my own. It will take me a while to be able to find a holistic vet where I live and rather than wait months to find one I will do this on my own as to not make him wait.

Back to my dilema~~~Maggie and Kayla do not get along, when Maggie was a pup they were best friends and then they started fighting, so they are seperated 24 hrs a day. I am working slowly on getting them back together as that is now way for any of us to live. My partner has been skeptical of this situation because he has on;ly been in a few of their fights and is nervous as they were bloody fights and I'm sure it would be to the death if they fought again. I, on the other hand went through this with my boxer many years ago and even had to have plastic surgery on my hand due to a bite, but it was my own fault for jumping in the middle of 2 open mouths, but the point of that is that after working with him for months, he now loves other dogs and would never fight unless it was to protect me, so I know it's possible. My partner has just taken a new job driving over the road and will be gone months at a time, so I have to do all of this solo. Which ultimately means they will ahve to be fed seperately...needless to say...alot of work for me, but I will do what it takes.

I am researching books to buy now, any opinions would be great. I have seen places online where I could buy organic raw food for them, so that's not a problem, but any opinions on that would be great also. As this is gonna take a while with research and all, are there any type of organic dog foods that I could be feeding them in the meantime? I want them off this crap food now. I will stop them cold turkey, that's not a problem, but since I still have alot of reading to do and organizing I was wanting to put them on at least something better til then.

I am ordering Syn-flex liquid, Pure Msm powder, and Pure Ester-C powder for Rusty. I also will be adding ACV and Sea Salt to their water.

I was reading about "Pet Essentials" by Udo's Choice for them. Is that something that would help them nutritionally till they can be on 100% raw? Again, I would like any info on some sort of dog food that would be better for them while they are waiting to be switched to raw.

So, here's the advice I need ultimately~~~

~~good starter books on switching with instructions. Rusty may not be able to eat the bones cause of the one tooth I will need books that have great details on what to feed, how much to feed and to which dog. And as I stated before, I don't need to do it gradually, I will just switch them. books could also have directions on feeding them in bowls or floor? Our yard has alot of dirt, so throwing bones outside may not be a good idea.

~~websites to buy online (I am looking also :)

~~Kayla could maybe use some kind of herbs to calm her anxiety or regulate her mood as I want so desperately to get her back getting along with Maggie so that they can all live in harmony.

~~and maybe some sort of organic dog food that I can put them on NOW while I'm getting this whole thing together. And maybe just add the Udo's Choice Pet Essentials in the meantime.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but as I come back, I'm sure they'll come up.
I have been researching for months now, and I just can't seem to get it all together and I don't want to make them wait any longer, so I am asking for help here.

I know this is alot of info, so thank you in advance for any help you all give, I'm kinda in a rut here. You all are wonderful and Curezone has helped me tremendously, so I know my dogs couldn't be in better hands.

Thank you all.



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