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Re: Ain't scared of Iodine, am scared of Niacin
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Ain't scared of Iodine, am scared of Niacin

dear Glaxony

know your in my heart girl, just ignore my words ;)
there is love

if your liver is feeling down, i can warmly recommend castor oil packs, i felt myself how wonderful this plantoil is, and my girlfriend used it one day the liver hurt, and was relieved immediatedly. if you want to, i can send you a e-book, 'the oil that heals' by a doctor assosiated with the Cayce clinic, he mentions loads of healings, a great read. Write to me , and i will send it along to you on the spot.

salt water flush, also i kept it all inside the first times, then i had to drink more to start the circus, and i felt rotten, tired, and rumpled. i don't favor it myself, and never care to do it.

Syrian rue, the coloring of the fabled flying persian carpets. Possibly ancients as well as modern explores drank the tea. Some say Leonardo Da Vinci did. Some added a tea from the akasia tree, (the akasia tree is also mentioned in the bible as finally faith told me, moses' lunchbox was made in this wood) it contains DMT, a neurotransmitter natural to huwomen and humans, but one assosiated to mystical experiences, acute crisis/events?, and near death/death experiences. Syrian rue is a mao-inhibiter, meaning neurotransmitters and alkaloids in the blood stays untouched while normally they are broken down to your everyday serotonin ect.meaning your everyday mode of perception/thinking. So it is like the brain, upon receiving these neuroransmitters like DMT (demethyltryptamin) is suddenly remembering new languages, and is able to read the library, bodily and cosmicly, written in these languages. First however, you often meet personal issues that you need to deal with, accept and pacify, in order to move on. A strong desire to obtain something while under the influence/presense of sacred plants can often backfire, an intense but frightening experience can be the outcome instead, as have happened with me on occasions.
I've done syrian rue by itself and with DMT more times than i care to count. i find the rue a benign and wise plant. Most people feel strong vibrations in the onset, causing nausea nad vomiting, vomiting is good, you can leave stuff that resist these vibrations, bodily vaste and forelorn dinners that don't care to tune in with the frequency of Syrian rue. I vomit like a dog and shit like a sewer in varying degrees in these sessions, while being assaulted with emotional end energetical insights and forced confrontations of both personal and archetypical nature. Sounds inviting? it can be challenging. I have known sacred plants for ten years, syrian rue for seven.
three years ago i did a syrian rue with the intention of finding 'the good life' i was becomming a father, and wanted to welcome my son as best as i could, the session gave me a meeting with something like the tao, then i vomited myself inside out, literally, and came to turns with the fact that i could not find what i was looking for, i was lost, felt i had missed, i spent the next three four months in a paralysing depression. i was at a loss and further sessions with syrian rue did nothing but accentuate the first. I did not know why life showed me this face, and i was suicidal except from the fact that i had nothing to die in to, death was not an exit from what i experienced (as i perceived it). every night nightmares, i preferred to stay awake, i was a undecided, doubting somebody. it went over after three four mounts when i found a marvelous yogaschool by chanse, and relaxed there for the first time, my body craved relaxing so much! (perhaps you're in the same craving?) Since this experience, i done more sessions, and asking the same question - the good life of no suffering' is every time nonexistent. Instead, if i ask nothing, or ask to become a better man, if i ask the plant to talk to me, there is wisdom to grasp, understanding shown to me. As far as i know, the plants show that everything is related, one can not leave out something, there is place and time for everything, the more you resist something, the more this persist.
perhaps i should not tell you this, perhaps syrian rue 'harmala' would welcome you her/his own way, a way that suits you, mayb you'd be better off meeting the plant naked of expectations. But as i told you it could help you expell parasites, i feel that was a bit misleading, you would approach this way and perhaps experience something entiredly different. So i tell you abit of what happened to me, more than everything i tell you to expect the unexpected

it is possible to have a very enjoyable and radiant first meeting. but no matter pleasant or full of vomit, the session heals you. i don't think the plant lands to much on you, unless you ask for it, or if the plant considers that you are ready for it. The plant knows whether you can deal with it. perhaps
0 0

if you go on with this, (i'm very thrilled if you do), begin softly.
as your soulself smiles to you.

i cook the seeds for half an hour or more, add some drops of lemon. let it cool and drink. i allways considered the enema version an intense extereme, and did not feel up to it, now i've done it (a week or so ago) i felt like doing it, and it was a enriching experience.

Three teaspoons ia a strong does, lasts eight hours perhaps. half a teaspoon amount could be an introduction.
Syrian rue could show you the disturbing energies you experience, you'll have another view of what this is perhaps.

Suggesting syrian rue to you one month ago was perhaps out of place, you wanted a tool or remedy to a specific parasite issue. Syrian rue is not spcific, it does not do something you tell it, it will drag you throught the dirty areas if it finds you'll profit from seeing it. you might be very afraid.

i feel many plants are our friends and teachers of other langages and levels of wisdom.

wish you peace Glaxony


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