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DAY 1: It begins!
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Published: 14 years ago

DAY 1: It begins!

Today is the beginning of what I hope will be a 21 day water only fast. I completed a 7 day Water Fast a couple of weeks ago and had good weight loss results. BUT, I basically went back to eating the way I normally did before the fast and more than half the weight I lost has packed itself back onto my body :( So I've decided to fast once again for a longer period of time and melt this fat off.

I really hope I can stick to fasting for 3 weeks, since I remember how obsessed I became with food by day 7 on the last fast. It wasn't that I was hungry, because hunger pains went away 2-3 days into the fast, it just seemed as though all I thought about was food! Passing KFC's were the worst, and making dinner for my family came in a close second. I found myself craving food I never really cared for before like Tufu and Veg! How weird is that. Day seven was also the day that I really started feeling some stomach/side pain and so I think I rationalized that it would be healthier for me to just eat. Not surprisingly, during the time that I have gone back to eating, I feel less energetic and more ill than I did while on the fast, and I don't look as good because of the weight gain. So, I plan to use this forum to document my days and hopefully I can stick to it this time :)

One difference for this fast is that I will not check my weight everyday like I did with the past fast. I have decided that it doesn't matter how much I weigh during the process, all I care about is the end result. So I will Water Fast and do exercise if I feel like it (don't worry, nothing strenuous, maybe a bit of walking each day) and at the end of the 21 days i'll step on the scale to see the result. I'm sure just looking at my body and seeing how cloths will fit me better will be good enough motivation. I just don't want to fall into that trap that I always fall into, being, if I hit a patch where I do not lose weight I tend to think "what the heck i'm not seeing anymore results, I might as well have a little something to eat" and then that little something turns into a binge!

I have eight more hours until day 2 of my Water Fast and I'm going strong. Lets hope I can make it through these toughest hours (4 pm - Midnight) which are my prime binging hours!

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