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My Iodine Experience So Far
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Published: 15 years ago
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My Iodine Experience So Far

For the past 3 days, after my 3 dr dose at night I felt pain in my uterus (I know I have fibroids, not sure how many, but obviously at least two – she would not share that piece of info with me). Each night, about 30min after the pain, I noticed I expelled some soft pinky tissue of some kind. This never happened before taking the iodine.

A week after I started the iodine (at 1drx2/day, about a week or so later upped at 3drx2/day with no detox so far) I felt I had to start drinking the burdock root tea that has been sitting on a shelf for 2-3 months now. I took both these for about a week; then I suddenly got my period at 22 days. Before I started cleansing 4 years ago, my period was normal every 27 - 28 days, but definitely not all right (won’t go into details, if anyone is interested, you’re welcome to e-mail me). Once I started cleansing, I noticed some changes, most notably after completing my first 10 or so liver flushes, when I begun getting my period every 25 days, instead. I figured, my body was detoxing, so be it. Having a cycle this short for over 3 years was not amusing, though. For the past 3-4 months, it was 28 days on the dot again. I was very pleased, then bam! 22 days. This to me is a sign that I’m still detoxing.

Last night I did 3 sessions with a frequency generator – I felt sluggish before, energized after. About 2 hours later, I felt pain in my left breast and pain and pressure in the uterus. The tissue I expelled last night was the largest in size. Since I am not taking any digestive enzymes, I hope what’s happening is the iodine / burdock root combo dissolving the fibroids.

Interesting how Wombat put me on the right track today with this:       Thank you, Wombat!

I am still keeping an eye on my basal temperature. It went up a bit last week, but today was low again.

I’ve always had vivid dreams (I keep a dream journal and a diary), but since starting the iodine, I’ve only had 2 dreams. My sleep has always been finicky, at times downright miserable. First week on Iodine was miserable, once I upped to 3 dropsx2/day, I started sleeping better, some mornings waking in the same position I fell asleep - and no more dreams. I like sleeping better/deeper, but I want my dreams back, I love them!

I’ve been meditating twice a day for about 8 years now (I rarely, rarely skip), and since I started the iodine, my “inner eyelid movies” changed colour from white/light-blue/blue/purple/indigo to purple/indigo. This one can stay :-)

I plan to do the zapping again tonight and also, to paint iodine on the uterus. See what happens.


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